TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Restaurant owners’ ranting goes viral

The TODAY anchors, along with Food Network’s Guy Fieri, chat about the hot topics of the day, including a couple of restaurant owners featured on a recent episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” who are now airing their many grievances in a long Facebook rant.

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>> geist along with dylan dreyer, natalie morales and back with us, food network star guy fieri . good to have you back, man.

>> hey, brother.

>> how are you?

>> that was great. trace is the bomb.

>> big man, too.

>> he's a wrestler.

>> you said he's a big dude. you're one to talk, but he towers over you.

>> he scares me.

>> they let you in the building.

>> i have the visitors i.d. and i thought of natalie when i woke up this morning .

>> very good.

>> it's embarrassing when you have to fill out the farm and you forgot your pass.

>> take the picture.

>> kind of in a rush. i was tenth in line behind the visitors desk.

>> here at nbc.

>> i thought i was the only one that went through that.

>> all the time. you know, guy, last time we had you in studio here it was in november of last year. a lot of people talking about your restaurant in times square , guy's place. but the place has blown up since then.

>> we have been doing great. my new book just came out, my third book. we had a book signing there yesterday. things are great. this is a great time to be in new york. the weather's fantastic. the restaurant 's doing dynamite. thanks for having me, giving me the opportunity. nice to be back.

>> do you think it was a net positive having all those people talk about the restaurant at that early stage though some of it was critical?

>> you talk about it then, i couldn't say that was my thought. now without question we appreciate it, yeah.

>> tell me about the book.

>> i have been doing "diners, drive-ins and dives." i know you're a fan.

>> that's one of the shows where it's just, okay, one more episode.

>> i'm going to turn it off after this.

>> i get hooked.

>> i'll watch it on the road, see food network and say, oh, i remember that place. i go through what everybody else goes through. i was so hungry watching that. we have been doing triple-d for six years now. this is the third book. this is the "funky finds in flavor town." i describe everything great coming from this place called flavor town. it was a one-liner that turned into a run. but this is the third book. it has, i don't know, 67 restaurants in it. a bunch of recipes. the greatest part is i get my crew, everybody who shoots the show gives their insight, the behind-the-scenes story.

>> they can be critical.

>> we have a great blooper show that will be out on saturday, the 18th that shows all the behind-the-scenes antics and shenanigans.

>> since you're an expert chef this is a perfect segue to take two.

>> unreal.

>> this is a crazy story.

>> there is a restaurant called amy 's baking company in arizona . it's a boutique and bistro featured on gordon ramsey 's kitchen nightmares .

>> the customer isn't always right.

>> choose another pizza or nothing.

>> i'm not here to take [ bleep ] from anybody.

>> i'm not going to have people make up stuff that isn't true.

>> don't worry.

>> amy 's nuts.

>> i am going to really hurt somebody if they send back my cake.

>> okay. that's amy . amy is the head chef. her husband sammy is in the business with her. the premise is gordon ramsey helps shape up restaurants. he goes in. this is the first time in the history of the show he decided the place was beyond help and he walked out. they are on facebook now, these guys, sammy and amy , just trashing everybody after having seen the show. they fired a member of the wait staff during the show. they take it personally when food is sent back. they run customers out and say, you don't understand what good food is.

>> they admittedly take tips from the busboys, service staff. it's crazy things they have gotten away with.

>> you wonder if they hype it up but the fact they are making comments on facebook , that's legit.

>> okay, guy. weigh in.

>> wow. i'm just taking it in. i heard about this. it's tough. i'm a chef first and a restaurant owner way before i was on food network . it's a tough business. gordon's show is different from "diners, drive-ins and dives." how this has escalated, i'm in awe.

>> unbelievable. they posted on the facebook page sammy and i will stand strong through the oppression that's been thrown at us. we ask that our supporters keep us in their prayers through this rough, unjust time in our lives. thank all of you and thank god. we will not bend to the will of these haters and sinners. now they have said, our facebook was hacked. we didn't write any of this which no one believes. yes, you can edit things, take them out of context. if you watch the hour, these people are just --

>> crazy.

>> off the chain. s

>> this is in scottsdale, arizona . i don't know if it's worth checking out.

>> i have been there quite a few times and featured outstanding restaurants in the area. there are great places.

>> other places to go.

>> just want to make sure scottsdale doesn't get --

>> oh, no.

>> you wonder if people want to go there just to see if they get some of the attitude. remember the soup nazi here? he got a huge following. people would be lining up for blocks. no soup for you!

>> good!

>> the fun in this restaurant in arizona is if you send food back the guy, sammy , will chase you out of the restaurant saying, don't come back, madame!

>> gordon ramsey is like, i'm out of here. i can't deal with it.

>> you have to watch.

>> let's go to take three. what's in a name? turns out just over one in ten people polled say they don't like their first name including 3% say they hate their name. men like their name more than women. 90% of them like their name. 84% of women like their name. it's a low percentage of people who don't like their name. guy?

>> guy is my real name . when i was a kid it wasn't the greatest name . i wanted a steve or something.

>> jack.

>> people go, hey, guy. do i know you? my mom takes all the claim to fame now. she says it's so easy to sign your name on books. g-u-y. think if your name was theodore. so long. i love my name. i spent a lot of time with my sons. i have hunter and ryder.

>> cool names.

>> you have cool names.

>> i was the same way growing up before dylan was a popular name. nobody knew what it was. all of the sudden boys were named dylan . it got even weirder.

>> it's a popular name now.

>> i love it now.

>> natalie wasn't a popular name. i was named after natalie wood .

>> really? i didn't know that.

>> my dad was obsessed with natalie wood . he had a huge crush on her. my mom looks a little like natalie wood .

>> there is a resemblance here.

>> could be a little bit. i don't know.

>> i have been willie since the day i was born. when i went to college i decided to be will. it lasted a month. there are papers from vanderbilt university that said will.

>> willie is your buddy. like, who you calling? call willie ! there are names -- i don't have a list of names i don't think are cool. i don't want to say that but there are names you go, ooh, especially when it's paired up with the last name. wow.

>> names can be hard. especially on a resum? or something.

>> i always put dylan marie dreyer in case they were looking for a man.

>> you can take your name and be shy about i. when you roll with it, my nephew jules rolls jules.

>> guy is guy.