TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

‘Farm lady,’ 80, gets birthday kiss from Matt Lauer

The beaming birthday girl tells TODAY she’s "never washing my face again" after receiving a smooch from the co-anchor.

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>> thank you, natalie so much. dylan dreyer is here.

>> we have a big birthday. i mean, this is an 80th birthday. how happy are you to be here?

>> oh, i'm absolutely thrilled. i can't tell you. i have wanted all my life -- i'm a farm lady from minnesota.

>> and you made it to new york city !

>> thank you.

>> oh, a kiss! [ cheers ]

>> i won't wash my face again!

>> neither will i.

>> cross it off the list.

>> happy birthday .

>> big celebration here in new york city , well thanks for being here with us.