TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends birthday wishes to special TODAY viewers.

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>>> standing by. willard?

>> hey, from smucker's and all of america, happy birthday . take a look at hattie banister from linden, new jersey. she's 108 today. loves to go to church. loves to hear the message of the lord. you can't beat the combination. right? now walter warden. i like that name. he's from little rock , arkansas. that's a nice town. if you have never been there, you owe it to yourself. got good ribs there. 100 years old today. his secret to life is women. he loves women. i like women. it's healthy to like women. elizabeth rudolf is from ector, texas. she's 104 years old today. she likes to read. loves to read before she goes to bed and before she goes to dinner really. happy birthday to the american cancer society , it is 100 years old this year. we wish them the best of everything. a little progress each day all the way. and we have gwendolyn keith from cincinnati, ohio, 100 years old today. party animal . i mean, wild. has to keep her door shut or she's up and down the halls going crazy. bless your heart. reverend carl alexander . been preaching all his life. he's 103. he's a duke of pak arkpaducah, kentucky. now back to new york city where they need some preaching.