TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Fire up the grill for flavorful huli huli chicken

Summer is right around the corner, so you’ll need delicious grill recipes to impress family and friends. The Food Network’s Guy Fieri is here to help, demonstrating how to grill up a spice-filled Hawaiian favorite.

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>>> this morning on today's kitchen, we're grillin' & chillin' with guy fieri , author of "diners, drive-ins and dives," the funky finds in flavor town. you have a way with words. thanks for coming back.

>> thanks for having me.

>> i read this and i like the sound of everything on the menu. let's do it.

>> we are coming into barbecue season. this is one of the best techniques you can have. it's taking the backbone out of the chicken.

>> is this something anyone can do?

>> sharp scissors or ask the butcher to do it.

>> okay.

>> we'll bring the bird over here. normally we would drop it in brian. this is a great thing for thanksgiving. equal parts salt and sugar, any spices you like -- bay leaf , garlic, peppercorns. drop it in.

>> how long do you brian ine it?

>> two hours to 12 hours. it's osmosis. you will flavor it. this is deeper, more intense flavor than marinating. this gets right inside the meat.

>> all right.

>> then a dry rub . you have chili powder , cumin, garlic, onion, ginger, salt and pepper .

>> you do it after the brine? so you brine and spice rub it?

>> you do both methods, what you put on the outside, a little barbecue sauce at the end, that's the finishing touch. this is the real depth of flavor. so we take this, hit the dry rub over the top . bring it over here. the great part about this, don't want to get that.

>> that's all right.

>> we drop this on the grill. we take it and flatten it out a little bit.

>> use something heavy. you have a brick with tinfoil on it.

>> we take the warm bricks. we drop them on top. this presses the chicken as it cooks. this particular chicken i call puli-huli chicken.

>> why?

>> in hawaii you will see guys on a cart using rotisserie. unbelievable on every corner but only in the carts, not the restaurants. this ises my version.

>> you start open side down.

>> starting it on the skin or -- you have your choice. i don't want to tear the skin. i like it flattened, nice and hot, glaze the skin, crisp it up, hit it with the sauce.

>> good hot fire. how long does it take?

>> this is a five to six-pound bird. so it takes about an hour.

>> then marinade it? glaze it?

>> hit it with glaze. but don't put it on too soon. remember you have sugar in it. this is the glaze right here. hit it with a little bit of ketchup. little bit of orange juice . are you jumping in? are you a sous chef?

>> i don't want it to splatter.

>> there you go. ketchup, soy sauce , orange juice .

>> smells good.

>> isn't it dynamite?

>> yeah.

>> little bit a brown sugar , sherry and --

>> back in.

>> you can let it reduce, not burn. this is the glaze we put on top. let me grab one thing. let me get over here and grab you a piece of corn. this also goes along with the grilling season.

>> did you put anything special on the corn?

>> here's what we did with the corn. take the corn. get all the silk out of the corn. wrap it back up in the husk, and soak it in water. i cooked it on the grill in the husk. what happens is you get the natural flavor of the husk protecting the corn. when it's hot, opened up and the flavors are going, peel it back, hit it with a little bit of butter -- this is a compound butter with chili powder , onion, garlic, salt, pepper. finish on the grill and, my friend, that is the bomb barbecue corn.

>> too bad there's no flavor.

>> i try to dial it back. here's the end result.

>> looks great on the plate. what are we drinking with it?

>> that's a berry patch mojito. lemon, rum, blackberrys, thyme, lime all muddled together. that together with the sauce.

>> got it. guy, thank you.