TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Millennial attitude: Confident or entitled?

The millennial generation is coming of age in a digital world, raised on technology and rapid social change, and they are twentysomethings with an attitude unlike any other generation before them. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>> hit my reset button.

>> reporter: they are connected, ethnically diverse, and on the move.

>> reporter: meet the millennials . or generation me whose lives are all about -- well, me.

>> millennials are famous for being narcissistic, entitled, lazy, and never looking up because they are on their phones. that's how you can spot one in the wild.

>> reporter: they are changing our world as fast as they are growing up, which for some parents may not be fast enough.

>> you graduated from college two years ago. we have been supporting you for two years. that's enough.

>> they are a generation raised in a way that made them feel special, confident, and that often strikes older people as being entitled.

>> reporter: 75% of millennials are on social media . 25% of them are without religion making them the least religious generation in american history . one out of five of us has posted a video of ourselves online. why? because we are a self-obsessed generation that craves instant gratification. technology has connected us in a way like no other generation . allowing us to showcase every aspect of our lives online for legions of followers and friends and that's turning people into overnight celebrities. but critics say it has also made us want more by doing less.

>> there is some laziness. technology breeds laziness, i would say.

>> reporter: millennials and technology are changing our politics and economy, fostering innovation, transforming people into businesses and fuelling the success of millennial authors like vanessa van edwards who we caught up with on skype.

>> the only way we are able to do what we want. we can g b in a remote area of vietnam. i was just in wine country in chile. as long as i have internet and a headset i'm good to go.

>> reporter: millennials are the largest generation of americans ever and they are changing america with their attitudes like never before.

>> millennials represent the most tolerant part of the electorate. their support of gay marriage , legalizing marijuana. those things have led the majority issues in america. the shift to one that reflects millennial values.

>> i may be the voice of my generation .

>> reporter: when it comes to work, millennials aren't shy about expressing dissatisfaction with a 9:00 to 5:00 job they don't like.

>> i think the market will have to adapt. there will be more jobs that fit into meaningful -- whatever that means for someone. we'll see new careers, new marketplaces where you couldn't study for these jobs five years ago.

>> reporter: that's probably why the current unemployment rate isn't discouraging these graduating millennials .

>> i think the only way to go into the world now is to be confident.

>> reporter: that's the problem says joel stein , a self-proclaim self-proclaimed narcicist. they are about to be disappointed when the world doesn't think they are as awesome as they have been told their whole lives.

>> reporter: for today, ayman mohyeldin, nbc