TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Ed Helms feels ‘mixed emotions’ about final ‘Hangover’

Actor Ed Helms talks about the antics his character, the recently-married Stu, gets up to in the new movie “The Hangover 3,” the final film in the franchise. He also reflects on the series finale of “The Office.”

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>> will be rushing to theaters this weekend for "the hangover part iii ." ed helms plays stu who seems to be on the right track after getting married. when his pal alan needs an intervention, all bets are off.

>> how'd we do?

>> we did good. i got demerol, syringes and a license. what about chow? anything?

>> no.

>> look at this. he e-mailed me 20 minutes ago.

>> alan . we have been -- give me the phone, please.

>> what does it say?

>> oh, wow. he wants to meet alan tonight at 8:00. says come alone.

>> where?

>> a bus stop . in tijuana.

>> tijuana's da bomb !

>> ed helms , welcome back. good to see you.

>> thank you very much. glad to be here.

>> how do you feel that this is the last of the hangover movies. we had ken, bradley, zach on and they had mixed emotions about it.

>> i feel -- wow, that's exactly how i feel. very mixed emotions . i'm sad because these movies gave us a great opportunity to hang out, work together. i love these guys. it's just sad to know that's over. then again, i feel like it's a good time to wrap this thing up. like it's the right way to do it. at the end of the day it's a lot of pride in what we have done but also tremendous gratitude for the whole ride.

>> let's talk about stu. in the first movie he was a wimp, a complete wimp.

>> well, wait. okay.

>> okay. just wanted to let it sink in. controlled by an evil, evil girlfriend.

>> uh-huh.

>> what has the character arc been like for stu?

>> do you know what's funny about the movies? we are all kind of the same guys through the chaos of the movies. what i think has been funny about stu, now in the third movie is he's married to a beautiful woman. he has a little more confidence, more fashion sense . we start off thinking maybe he's cooler. but as soon as the chaos starts he's right back to neurotic, wimpy stu, as you said.

>> when you look at what happened to the character over the course of the movies he married a stripper, pulled out his own tooth, found a tiger in his bathroom. when you got the script for part three were you thinking what could they come up with next?

>> yes. every time i pick up a new hangover script i'm terrified for what might happen to stu. three was no disappointment in that way.

>> you don't want to give anything away.

>> i can't say what happened. when i read it i was mortified. i'm a conservative guy. i was like, there is no way i'm going to do this. i don't know why. it just sinks in and i wind up doing it. i see it later, laugh and i'm glad i did.

>> as i watched the movies i am constantly thinking, how many takes simply end because they can't hold it together during the shooting of it.

>> well, matt, i'm a giggler. i can't hold it together. zach makes me laugh so hard. bradley kills me. ken kills me. there are a lot of times when we just have to stop. there's one in particular actually on "the hangover," do you remember the scene in the hospital where we were talking to a doctor played by matt walsh , trying to get information and there is an older gentleman who pulls his pants down? we could not -- just couldn't function that day. something got in our bloodstream. it was a giggle -- for grown men. we're just giggling like 5-year-olds. we had to shut down the set for a few minutes to recover. that makes todd furious which only makes us giggle harder.

>> isn't it nice to say after three movies that there were moments like that that you will never forget that laughter.

>> absolutely.

>> there is another transition in your life. after eight years of your life, effort and talents, "the office" ends tomorrow. how do you feel about that?

>> yeah. wow. a lot going on here. i'm really, really sad about that. but, again, it feels like the right time. it feels like "the office" is ending on a high note .

>> it's been a great run.

>> it's exciting.

>> i have tricia in the plaza here from ft. worth. she wants to ask you a question. go ahead.

>> hey, ed, is andy bernard going to make it in show business or end up back at dunder mifflin ?

>> well, tricia, that's sort of the big question for the finale. i really can't answer that.

>> sure, you can. she may not get to see it.

>> oh, come on.

>> let's just say that andy grows as a person and hopefully it's chaotic and funny.

>> got it.

>> terrible dodge of the question.

>> we appreciate it. hope you watch the finale and check out "the hangover part iii ." ed, it's been great.