TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Gas pump singing duo: Leno stunt was not staged

Monifa and Will Sims became Internet sensations after “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” showed them singing impromptu karaoke at a gas station, but critics are now suggesting their performance was staged. The couple address the issue with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, insisting, “that’s just us.”

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>> good morning.

>> i watched this last night. i loved it. it's entertaining, endearing, funny. is it real?

>> yeah. that's us.

>> 100%.

>> you weren't tipped off by someone at the show that they were shooting that same segment at the same gas station at that same pump again, the same segment you were on two years ago?

>> no. how would i know? that's just the gas station i go to to get gas every wednesday after i train my clients. that's what i do.

>> but you have been in the pump cast segment before.

>> i was in it. when we pulled up i was on my phone. i didn't see him get out of the car. he's singing like he always does. when i heard him i looked and said, oh, no! this cannot be happening again! this is awesome. i actually didn't want to get out of the car.

>> you said you weren't all done up.

>> the only reason i did -- our costco car was expired so i had to get out and ask the guy next to me if i could use his card.

>> will, you pull the car in the wrong direction first --

>> not the wrong direction at costco.

>> you can park on my side there.

>> then you start singing to yourself right in front of the pump. some people think he was begging to be noticed by the camera.

>> i always sing. all the time. when i wake up i sing. when i came in the studio i was singing.

>> he's loud. that's how he's always been. i'm not a morning person. he is. he literally jumps out of the bed singing. i say, can you please be quiet sometimes? he loves to sing.

>> this is a routine you have done before. you have the dance moves .

>> oh, yeah.

>> no, no.

>> but the one thing is if it was going to be fake why would we come in the same car --

>> that's our car.

>> come to the same pump.

>> that's our gas station .

>> some say you went because you were hoping the camera was on the same pump.

>> years later?

>> two years ago.

>> i could have did this two years ago. if i would have got famous do you think i would have waited two years now.

>> the show introduced you as a bartender and fitness instructor which you are. you're also actors and great singers. do you hope this will be your break?

>> this is a blessing we did not plan.

>> there's no formula to make a video go viral. either people like it or they don't.

>> we do make our living as a fitness instructor. i wish we could say, i'm on a tv show . hello, somebody. but that's our dream.

>> all right. so you did " living on a prayer " which you did great, by the way.

>> you're not the only one.

>> exactly. we're not the only ones who liked it. take a look. take a look.

>> hey, monifa and will, this is jon bon jovi in south africa . just received word of the viral craziness you caused singing " living on a prayer " pumping gas . i like that. thank you for having fun with the song. we appreciate it. hope to see you on the road sometime.

>> i believevited you to sing