TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie is ‘heroic’

After actress Angelina Jolie made headlines Tuesday with the news that she underwent a preventative double mastectomy, her fiancé, Brad Pitt, and her doctors are speaking out about the decision, saying they “applaud” her “bold choices.” TODAY’s Hoda Kotb reports.

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>> more on angelina jo lie's stunning revelation that she underwent a double mastectomy. hoda?

>> it's been 24 hours since angelina jolie shared the information in an op-ed piece. now everyone from brad pitt to her father are weighing in. after she rocked news about her double mastectomy it was brad pitt 's turn to speak out. he told the evening standard of london having witnessed this decision first hand i find angie's choice as well as many others like her absolutely heroic. all i want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our children. this is a happy day for our family. as for her famous father jon voight said i think she's an inspiration to many people faced with the same situation. this as jolie 's doctors spread light on the treatment.

>> we applaud angelina's bold choices regarding her brca mutation.

>> reporter: on the website the doctor wrote she was in good spirits with bountiful energy four days after the procedure and the tests of her breast tissue came back benign.

>> we hope the awareness she's raising around the world will save countless lives.

>> reporter: it was her mother's decade-long battle with breast and ovarian cancer that caused jolie to be tested for the mutation. her mother had it and succumbed to the disease at 56. gabrielle brett also had a double mastectomy after finding she had the mutation. she's glad jolie spoke out.

>> it makes people more aware it exists and gives women the opportunity to research their options, get the blood test .

>> reporter: while the musician is relatively rare, affecting 1 in 400 people in the general population , for those at risk, jolie 's revelation open it is door for an important dialogue.

>> it start it is discussion, wrings something to people's minds they can discuss with doctors and health care experts to decide what's right for them.

>> this morning "people" magazine is reporting that jolie plans to have surgery to remove her ovaries. the national cancer institute says the mutation accounts for less than 10% of boards of directors. even if you have the mutation mastectomy isn't the only option. you can do surveillance or take tomoxofin to help diminish it.

>> the good thing is it starts the conversation. hoda, you went through breast cancer in the public eye.

>> yeah.

>> i wonder your impressions of this.

>> it was funny because i had breast cancer in my left breast and i asked if i should remove the other breast. i was nervous. she said, you don't have that gene. so you don't have to. when you're making your decision you have to say to yourself, when can i put my head on the pillow and how will i feel relaxed? some people have to do everything so they can sleep at night. some people can just do a little bit and feel fine about it. i think you have to know yourself to make the right decision.

>> every case is different.

>> thank you, hoda.

>> thank you.