TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Watch racer tumble off his bike at 230 mph

Motorcycle racer Chris Matheson took a terrifying tumble off his motorcycle at around 230 miles per hour at a raceway in Sydney, Australia. Despite tumbling for about 100 feet, he only suffered a broken ankle.

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>>> take a look at scary moments in sydney, australia, when chris matheson took a very nasty spill of off his bike while zipping along, he was going 230 miles per hour when that happened. he rolled and tumbled on the track for about a hundred feet before coming to a stop. despite the terrifying video shot earlier this month matheson managed to come away with only a broken ankle. thank goodness for that.

>> the motorcycle kept going like to burger king or something. i don't know.

>> the rider actually finished second, just behind the motorcycle.