TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Prince Harry plays baseball with kids in Harlem

As he prepares to wrap up his U.S. tour, Prince Harry met with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to survey the Jersey Shore’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy and headed into New York City for some fun with a Harlem inner-city youth baseball program.

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>> last day of prince harry 's visit to the u.s. ben fogle has been following along, stalking maybe we'll call it.

>> good morning, savannah. prince harry is in new york as he gets set to wrap up his tour with an american seal of approval for the british royal. last night, a formal fund-raiser for his royal foundation. continuing a charitable charge across america.

>> sports and coaching really does change lives.

>> reporter: earlier in the day prince harry began the final leg of his u.s. tour on the jersey shore . surveying the devastation left by super storm sandy. and the ongoing restoration in the company of governor chris christie . meeting locals affected by the storm. and those working to repair the damage. the prince was impressed.

>> everyone getting together and making things right. it's fantastic.

>> reporter: also making time for fun and games . as the prince and the politician helped win some local children stuffed toys.

>> good luck! [ cheers ]

>> reporter: next stop, new york city . and now with someone from british politics . he and prime minister david cameron attending an event for british business. this time getting a prize of his own with the uk leader. then a change-up to the day, swapping politicians on the boardwalk and the bus for kids on the baseball diamond . launching a partnership between a harlem inner city youth project and a foundation he shares with the duke and duchess of cambridge. the prince practiced with the players in the program before going 3 for 3 against a yankee great.

>> he's a natural. he's never hit a baseball before in his h life. that's impressive.

>> when he hit the ball everybody was like --

>> reporter: did you think he was dreamy?

>> i touched his hair!

>> later today the prince will play in a polo match before heading back to britain. i'm on my way there to catch up.

>> this is a fun assignment for you, ben.

>> i can't complain.

>> any chance the kids thought you were prince harry ?

>> they may have.

>> i think i'm a little bit old sadly. but they were psyched to have him there. it was a popular event.

>> thank you, ben.