TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Lisa Rinna: I didn’t want to do ‘Apprentice’ again

Donald Trump recently gave actress Lisa Rinna the boot from “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” even though she successfully raised more than $500,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Rinna says that having had a bad experience the first time she did “Apprentice” she wasn’t going to come back, but her daughter convinced her to do it.

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>>> everybody knows that donald trump likes to fire people . but sunday night he was out of control, apparently on "all-star celebrity apprentice ." a surprising twist, that no one, even lisa rinna expected.

>> despite raising a ton of money for charity and winning the previous challenge, lisa got the boot.

>> i don't like that word.

>> i've been your biggest fan, other than your husband, there's no bigger fan.

>> thank you.

>> and i think you've done an amazing job and you certainly are the comeback player of the decade as far as " celebrity apprentice " or "the apprentice" is concerned. but penn has been the star so far. i do want to see him in the final. lisa , you're fired.

>> what?

>> hi there.

>> how did that happen?

>> well he said, i really want to see penn in the final.

>> why?

>> lisa , you're fired.

>> but why?

>> i think you'd have to ask him because you know, penn 's a great player. i mean really, i will say the two times that i was project manager , he helped me raise $85,000 of his own money he brought in, which they normally don't do and on my second challenge he brought all the heavyweights from foxwood. so he's an amazing team player .

>> however?

>> yet, i did raise over half a million dollars, $505,000 for saint jude , which is so awesome. i won both of my tasks and i won seven out of ten challenges. so i think on paper i look good as a finalist. right?

>> and to me it would have been the more interesting one. a man and a woman in the final.

>> now it's trace and penn ?

>> all men.

>> you have two tall men that are 6'6" with pony tails.

>> wrong on every level. because i like your hair better.

>> thank you. that's all good because i got to come back and i'm helping pen to win.

>> you guys are friends.

>> i love pen. i would have never crossed paths with him ever in my life. he's one of my favorite people on the planet. he and i are complete opposites and i have no idea how we connected.

>> what about trace?

>> i love trace, too, i didn't get to send much time with him. he picked me on his team but then he was moved off the team. they're phenomenal players, i'm so honored to have gone as far as i did.

>> i was the last woman standing.

>> you sound like a contestant for miss america . how do you really feel?

>> i should have been finals on paper. trace was the highest earner and i was the second highest earner. i really should be, but i'm happy for penn .

>> how has the show benefitted you, lisa ? what do you get beyond this?

>> i had such a bad time, i had a horrible time, it was awful.

>> what made you want to come back the second time?

>> i didn't want to come back.

>> my daughter said to me, mom, i think you should go back and fix this for yourself.

>> how old is that wise girl?

>> that wise girl is 11. i said you know what, she's right. i would be able to go and maybe make it a teachable moment and go back into something i hated and turn it into something so good.

>> what made it such a bad experience?

>> the people i had to deal with and work with. they just took me down.

>> was it la toya ?

>> i love la toya ! how you cannot love la toya jackson ? and let me say something about the whole angelina jolie thing, which i think is so brave. both my mother and my sister had breast cancer within six months of each other.

>> so?

>> i went and was tested and luckily, do not have the gene. but i think it is so important and so courageous and i love that she's come out to do this.

>> do you know if your sister has the gene? did they get tested?

>> she did have the gene. they both chose to have double mastectomies as opposed to lumpectomies.

>> thank god there's something you can do about it. and --

>> there is.

>> and they've survived. they're here, i just want to say bravo to angelina for coming out.

>> i'm sure she's watching, thank you, lisa .

>> you can catch the season of "all-star celebrity apprentice " with the donald sunday night at