TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Eat smart: Save on cost, cooking time, calories

TODAY contributor and nutritionist Joy Bauer shares four easy and healthy recipes that will help you save money and time, including a salmon and chickpea salad, and buffalo chicken and blue cheese dip.

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>>> this morning on eat smart today, how to save on the three cs, cost, cooking time and calories. joy bauer is here with four simple recipes. good morning.

>> simple and delicious. hi, willie. you can eat your way through.

>> i will eat my way through. at first glance, this doesn't look like healthy food but you will make it that way.

>> absolutely. it's low cost and will only take a few minutes to put together. first, we start with pancakes.

>> protein pancakes.

>> regular pancakes are loaded with carbs, taste delicious and after you ed them you feel bloated and heavy. we are using half a cup of oaths. we have fiber here, four egg whites and do one whole egg and two egg whites . half a teaspoon each of vanilla extract and ground cinnamon and one tablespoon of regular sugar. you whisk this up and pour it right onto the griddle. what i love about this, you can make one portion at a time versus a big batch. you're left with the batter. then, just about two minutes on each side, you will sample, a little fruit, a little maple syrup .

>> beautiful. does the fruit add calories and problems?

>> the fruit adds minimal calories and stick with a teaspoon of maple syrup , just an extra 40 calories. now, for cost, 65 cents.

>> come on!

>> cook and prep time , no more than 10 minutes and calories only 265.

>> how could it be 65 cents? unbelievable. wow. very tasty. will say, really good.

>> terrific. next, we move over to a very very simple go-to lunch or light supper for the summer. this is wild salmon and chickpea salad. everybody knows salmon is one of the healthiest foods on the planet because it's busting with oh may -- omega-3 fats. this is wild salmon and put in one cup of rinsed chickpeas and half a cup of chopped red onion and red bellpepper and stir this up with olive oil and red wine vinegar . mush that all up. you can serve this, you get a nice hearty one cup serving. you can serve it on a bed of lettuce or whole-grain crackers.

>> looks beautiful.

>> i have it here.

>> let's see the reveal.

>> 99 cents , only 10 minutes to prepare and 340 calories.

>> wow.

>> so far, we have not broke an dollar yet.

>> excellent.

>> this where is you've got me. i love me some buffalo and bleu cheese .

>> this is your favorite. we know north off 900 calories, loads of sodium and fat when you go to a restaurant. these buffalo wings are completely guilt-free. you will take one cup of your favorite hot sauce, you will mix in a teaspoon of paprika and half a teaspoon of cayenne, whip that up.

>> okay.

>> we will dunk some chicken right into it, get it all over your chicken, put it right into the oven on 375, for 15 minutes and the best part, while that chicken is cooking, you will make the whipped bleu cheese dressing. one small container of non-fat greek yogurt , lots of protein, half a cup of bleu cheese crumbles, a little bit of garlic powder and onion powder and mix this up until it's nice and creamy.

>> see the reveal.

>> cost $1.39.

>> holy cow .

>> only takes 20 minutes to make and 175 calories.

>> wow.

>> i think that's the most mind blowing. really really good.

>> i ran out of time. tell me quickly.

>> peanut butter freeze, slice a banana, peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.

>> here's what it costs you.

>> pop it in the oven. 42 cents and one hour because you have to freeze it. 175 calories.

>> joy, you've done it again.

>> this, you can taste.

>> if i can eat bananas, peanut butter and buffalo wings