TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

How to pull off 4 tricky spring trends

Every season, new trends hit the stores. At first they may seem too hard to pull off, but Lilliana Vazquez from shows how say it is to wear hot styles like denim-on-denim and sheer details.

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>> on "today's" style, how to pull off the trickiest trends. some great summer looks that push the fashion envelope. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you want to try out trends but don't want to be a fashion victim and avoid sometimes too trendy.

>> but women need to go out of their comfort zone and i will show you the most stylish trends.

>> we have models in their 20s through 40s. the first trend is denim on denim. showing us this look is lauren. it's different colored denim and makes it work.

>> i refer to this as the canadian tuxedo. skip the pants and do a denim jacket over a denim shirt. it's so important. finding pieces that have high levels of contrast and look for pieces in more sophisticated cuts. this jacket from macy's is like an assymetrical jacket, a little more dressed up and i love doing jeans with this. that would be total overkill. trousers are so popular this season. add a little softness to break up the look. she looks fantastic.

>> you look great. thank you so much. next up is the sheer detail. a lot of women are scared to death when they hear sheer. i see it here on alison and looks beautiful on her.

>> the risk is you could be overexposed. the key is placement. make sure the details are at the helmline or neckline as you see here in this gorgeous dress. it is under $50 and you can still do the runway trends. it feels very lady-like because the length hits at the knees, picking sophisticated pieces that are trendy.

>> could this still be a daytime office look?

>> absolutely. i think if you threw a blazer over this with closed pumps. you can do it daytime or evening into evening.

>> thanks so much. next look is stripe on stripe trend. stripes can scare a lot of women off. in this case on anna, we can see how you put it together. a lot of different trends.

>> a lot of different trends. you don't want to look like the hamburglar. we did a black and white pep lin top. her blazer is actually navy and black and why you can mix the stripe together because they have one piece that unifies the pieces and it is a great from t.j. maxx and a silver shoe and purple bag so it's not so early.

>> and the width of the stripe probably makes a big difference.

>> exactly. if you're going to do two striped pieces look for different widths and stripe on stripe the same, you end up looking like the hamburglar. this is a fantastic look? thanks. the last tricky trend is the mirror print, a tricky trend we're seeing everywhere. we have dina show iing us this look in a beautiful dress.

>> women think it makes them look bigger but find the perfect scale print not too big or small. this dress maggy london is $128. this would fit any. i think of it as a glammed up version of camouflage and tricks your eye because it's perfectly symmetrical on both sides and masks a problem area. great for the office with the cardigan and if she took off the cardigan, this would be a perfect dress to wear out at night. keep everything else simple, black pump from marshall's and black bag as well.

>> ladies, come out one more time. take a last look.