TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Alison Sweeney wrote novel from ‘actor’s perspective’

Actress Alison Sweeney is busy hosting “The Biggest Loser” as well as starring on “Days of our Lives,” but she recently added one more thing to her plate – her first novel. She talks about writing “Star Attraction,” saying she “wrote scenes that I would want to be in.”

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>> an author called "the star attraction." how are you able to do all of this?

>> i don't know. i stay busy and love my job at days of our lives and love hosting "the biggest loser." i guess it's my fitness and love to stay active and writing a book was fun and ca ththarticcathartic. i love what you said going on a trip and something fun to read on a beach or plane and something to take your mind off everything at night before you go to sleep.

>> it's an escape.

>> and the character is sophie and some say i resemble the long-time character sammy, up for debate but i'll take it as a compliment. that's your character in " days of our lives ." how much of ali is sophie?

>> they always say write what you know. trying to write a novel from an actress perspective. i write scenes i really want to be in and based the character on me and my best friend is a publicist. i had a lot of inside sources, the red carpet things that happen and "tthe "today" show and things accurate and fun.

>> and the dirty stuff that goes on, how to keep stuff out of the press. keep the scoop from getting out.

>> why would you want to know that stuff?

>> that's insider stuff you have access to.

>> a little bit. snow knowing all sides of the business.

>> it was fun to show that side and she's really relatable. she's clutzy like i am and maybe does the wrong thing, has an arc in the story of finding herself and has to be humbled a little bit. there's a fun romance in there, too. something for everyone.

>> billy fox is this leading man described as a hollywood a-lister. when you write a book about inside hollywood, everybody assumes it's based on somebody.

>> they're right.

>> so fox is based on --

>> an a-lister. snow obviously i work with incredibly good looking guys. billy fox is a combination of the wonderful men i have the pleasure to work with on "the days of our lives ." i sort of saw the young brad pitt in him and that kind of character. i'm working on a second book and billy fox is in that one as well.

>> the story continues.

>> i was just at the supermarket and there at the checkout, shape magazine and your cover, my gosh!

>> wow!

>> you bought eight copies before talking about it?

>> yes. exactly. you had to be feeling pretty confident.

>> thank you.

>> this is your second cover, as i understand. you kept 30 pounds off, is that right?

>> you know, i have two kids, so i think it's more about that, like being the best you can be at any time in your life. i -- you know, i'm on tv all the time in " days of our lives " and "the biggest loser," not about getting ready for one photo shoot , about how i want to live my life and being as energetic you can.

>> and being a role model for my daughter. want to set a good example living a healthy lifestyle, being fit and active and having a healthy relationship with my body and with food. those are all things really important to me as a mom.

>> and your kids as well. the book is called "the star attraction." good to see you.