TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Ha! Lizard turns prowling kitten into scaredy-cat

The latest feline footage to mesmerize the Internet shows a kitten who seems to be extremely startled by a friendly lizard.

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>>> some of us startle easier than others. look at this cat on the hunt in the living room, certainly wasn't expecting this. check it out.

>> watch it.

>> whoa!

>> wow!

>> what the! hey! wow!

>> that was apparently posted a year ago, but it is spiking now on youtube. it's racked up nearly a half a million hits in just 24 hours . i would be freaking out like that cat, too, over those two lizards. whew! oh.

>> seems like a little over overreaction.

>> but there's two of them. he's out-numbered.

>> then he asked him did he want to save 15%