TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

‘Brave’ heroine’s makeover spurs ire at Disney

Disney has officially made Merida, the heroine of “Brave,” its 11th princess, and released new art of the tomboyish archer with a more petite waistline and more feminine hair and makeup. Reaction has been less than kind.

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>> for those of us who saw the movie "brave," pixar actually won an oscar this year. one item has parents really concerned. mommy bloggers are really upset and have a petitioned on change. meredith described as independent, very forceful, a force to be reckoned with. she shoots a bow and arrow with the best of them. days before she's to be crowned as disney's 11th princess, she's undergone an extreme makeover , sexier shape, wider eyes and more glamorous hair.

>> why would you change an original character like that?

>> especially one that's been so successful.

>> one girls and boys really responded to. they say it's a disservice to millions of kids for whom she is a role model. maybe disney will rethink it before she goes into production.

>> i see it's not a dramatic makeover but i see what people are saying, a