TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Princeton step team shows off their moves

Not only are Princeton University’s HighSteppers among the best and brightest academically, but they also have great rhythm. They treat fans on Rockefeller Plaza to some of their fancy footwork.

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>>> nope as the princeton high steppers.

>> that's right. terry tillman is here, the stand art director. good morning to you. tell us about this wonderful art of high stepping.

>> stepping started in south africa from a dance could gum boot dance, comes from coal miner dances from south africa and came here through sororities and fraternities and spread throughout america in competitions, chumps, elementary schools , professional dances, all throughout.

>> it has in a sense a language all of its own.

>> yes. just percuss siv dance we use to provoke emotion and get the crowd going.

>> i understand it's popular on campus at princeton , right?

>> yeah. we've gotten a lot of support from a lot of different groups on campus and a lot of academic groups as well.

>> we were watching you rehearse as well. how often do you get together to rehearse?

>> depends. we get together throughout the year for other performance groups and competitions. sometimes we rehearse and perform about seven times a week, sometimes just three times a week. it really depends what we're doing during the week.

>> can we see it? the princeton high steppers. slow it down now! [ applause [ applause ]

>> thank you, terry tillman and the princeton high steppers, showing us how it's done on the plaza this morning.