TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Guess a place that helped inspire Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’

NBC’s Keir Simmons takes a walk through the secret passageways of a place that offers a rare glimpse of history and the secrets of Italy’s rulers, and helped inspire Dan Brown’s new book, “Inferno.”

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>>> dan brown 's new thriller, "inferno" came out at midnight if you did not pull an all-nighter an interested to hear what's in that book, kiir simmons has what's in that book. take a look.

>> i'm in one of several secret passageways not normally open to the public. they offer a rare glimpse of history and secrets of italy's rulers. these hidden hall base play a key role in dan brown 's new book and visited them doing research two years ago, walking these very stairs. this small door opens here. what is this? great place of history, filled with secret passageways .

>> hmm. if you think you know the answer to that clue, tweet us with the hash brown -- hash brown --

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>>> a little earlier we told you about dan brown 's "inferno" and some had good guesses, the vatican and coliseum.

>> now, the right answer. the place filled with secret passageways is palazzo vecchio in florence italy with great works of art .

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