TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

OJ Simpson back in court, asking for new trial

The former football star is serving nine to 33 years in a Nevada prison after being found guilty of armed robbery in Las Vegas. But now he is asking for a new trial, saying his former lawyer botched his defense. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> o.j. simpson seeking a new trial in the armed robbery and kidnapping case that landed him behind bars . nbc miguel has the story. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. in just a few hours, o.j. simpson will be back in court for day two of his hearing, out to prove his old lawyer botched his case when convicted of four felonies.

>> reporter: heavy-set with graying hair, o.j. simpson has spent nearly five years in prison and the former football star could spend another 28 years behind bars .

>> count 2, conspiracy of kidnapping, guilty.

>> reporter: convicted of a gun point robbery of sports memorabilia dealers in 2008 he wants a new trial claiming his former lawyer, yale gallen tter give him bad at vice.

>> it's hard to convince a judge that a defense lawyer was involved in a plea deal, he could get a new trial.

>> reporter: he is expected to take the stand wednesday something he never did in this is infamous 2005 trial --

>> if it doesn't fit you must acquit.

>> reporter: he was acquitted of his ex-wife, nicole simpson and ron goldman .

>> not guilty of murder.

>> reporter: linda has covered all of simpson's case for the associated press.

>> this is really o.j.'s last chance because if he loses this hearing, then he could go into the morass of the federal system , which would take years.

>> reporter: o.j. simpson , back in court and still making headlines. the nevada supreme court has denied o.j. simpson 's appeal in 2010 . while legal insiders say it is a long shot he will get a new trial, there's certainly plenty of interest in seeing o ing o.j. simpson testify. the lawyer he has made his accusation against has not commented and expected