TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

New video shows Ohio suspect relaxing at home

In a cellphone video taken a few months ago, Ariel Castro, accused of imprisoning three girls for over a decade, can be seen playing bass in his kitchen just steps away from his captives. Castro is now behind bars, where guards say he spends most of his time “laying down.” NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>>> there are new clues in the cleveland kidnapping case this morning regarding how the suspect may have hidden three young ladies so long. as new video emerges of ariel castro inside that home. today, national correspondent, jeff rossen is in cleveland once again. good morning.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. ariel castro waking up once again this morning in the county jail . he is on suicide watch which means guards are literally checking on him every 10 minutes and keeping logs of his every move. we have those logs and you may be surprised what he has been up to in his cell the past few days. the big news is how did he keep those girls hidden so long without any knowing. this morning, we're taking you inside that house for the first time. ariel castro as we've never seen him before playing base in his kitchen, care-free. this cell phone video obtained by nbc news was taken just a few months ago. the girls, police say, were held captive just steps away. we showed the video to castro 's cousin, maria.

>> it breaks my heart to think he was acting like that while those girls were suffering the way they did.

>> reporter: now, castro is behind bars and guards are tracking his every move. we obtained the official jailhouse logs. castro spends most of his time laying down and sleeping. on thursday, he was complaining of being cold. later, guards saw him walking around cell naked. on friday, castro was making kool-aid. on sunday, he was using two loose strings from the matt to floss his teeth.

>> i want him to suffer in that jail. to the last extent.

>> reporter: ariel 's brothers talking to cnn with new information about castro 's house, how he may have hidden amanda, gina and michelle for so long. not letting his brothers pass the kitchen and blocking doorways with curtains.

>> the radio was playing all the time. if not the radio, the tv. i couldn't hear nothing else but the radio or the tv.

>> reporter: but last monday, police say, castro forgot to lock the front door. amanda escaped and newly released recordings, police moved in for the arrest.

>> ariel castro in custody down here at mcdonald's.

>> good to hear, sarge. thank you.

>> reporter: we have also gotten our hands on ariel castro 's police record in cleveland , dating back to the late 1980s , police have investigated him for assault, menacing of neighbors and relatives and also domestic violence. he was never charged in any of those cases, matt.

>> jeff rossen in cleveland . thank