TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

4 affordable trips for your family

Laura Begley Bloom from Travel + Leisure shows off eight trips that you can enjoy with your family during summer vacation, including Jekyll Island in Georgia, Hidden Pond in Maine, and a beach escape in Saint Lucia.

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>>> the days are getting warmer, the kids are almost out of school and now's the time that lot of families are planning their summer vacation .

>> from the west coast to the caribbean, great options for families, no matter your budget.

>> laura begley-bloom is a "travel and leisure" deputy editor.

>> congratulations for your first mother's day. your little boy is seven months old.

>> a splurge and a steal. so we can find out in the same general area.

>> we start off in georgia the cloisters at sea island . resort known for its incredible golf course , really fantastic for kids, gorgeous beaches, they've got a vintage ice cream parlor and a movie theater and then our steal is not so far away, the jekyll island club this was built as a social club in the 1800s , for likes of the rockefellers and the vanderbilts.

>> because they didn't have enough to do.

>> these days it's great for everyone. only $199 for the starting rate. which is fantastic. and for girlfriend getaways, fantastic biking, stunning beaches there. great for kids, too. in the summer they've got a cooking camp.

>> how much is a splurge? are they really pricey?

>> around $400 a night and they're worth every penny.

>> they look like it.

>>> let's move on to the northeast. what's your splurge in new england?

>> in maine, the hidden pond near kennebunkport. 36 glamorous cotsages, screened-in porches and outdoor showers, yoga, stand-up paddling. my favorite thing to do are the nightly bonfires, can you make s'mores, which we love. and our steal is off the coast. 12 miles off the coast of maine, a wonderful little hidden gem, nine-room hotel with clawfoot tubs and cath iron beds , also a foodie getaway. farm-to-table dinners.

>> how much is that?

>> $100 night, may and june. it goes up a little as the summer goes on.

>> take us out west to the pacific.

>> pacific, we've got the four seasons biltmore in santa barbara .

>> that's one my favorite places in the world.

>> i love that place.

>> look at the view.

>> to die for.

>> great access to the vineyards in the santa ynes valley.

>> all the little fires are going on out there when you're having dinner and down the coast in laguna beach , a steal, $139 a night.

>> in laguna?

>> a joie da vie property.

>> and the caribbean.

>> two properties there, our splurge is in st. lucia, this is called sugar beach and i'm obsessed with this property.

>> this is great.

>> love it. beautiful white-on-white, mosquito net -draped beds.

>> look at that.

>> right now it's a great time to go, it's a little bit cheaper than in the high season, it's $440 a night.

>> you can go for one night if you want.

>> it's worth it.

>> and if you want to go for a couple of nights, down in anguilla. really expensive hotels, the founder of other hotels are opened a small boutique hotel , a gorgeous white sand beach with views from the higher rooms of the ocean. two pools, a stunning room.

>> how much do those rooms run?

>> $160 a night.