TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Husband lost 280 pounds, runs half marathon

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares an amazing story of weight loss from Dale Buettner, who shed 280 pounds. He had been overweight since the first grade, where his mom had to custom-make Little League uniforms for him.

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>>> we're back with the newest member of the joy fit club . someone who dropped more than half of his body weight .

>> 44-year-old dale bitner of lexington, kentucky, he lost nearly 280 pounds. let's look at his unbelievable story.

>> hi, my name is dale and my struggle with weight goes back to the first grade. my mom even had to make special little league uniform it is fit me. my weight fluctuated throughout high school and college, by the time i was in graduate school i weighed over 300 pounds. i had to get all of my clothes from the big and tall shop. eventually my weight was over 400 pounds, before getting married in 2006 , i managed to lose about 70 pounds, but as soon as the honeymoon started, so did the old eating habits. a year and a half later i was topping out at 460 pounds. i had lost all hope of anything changing. in 2010 , my wife started weight watchers and i agreed to follow with the program. i began to see progress and i began to see that change was possible and i started to deal with the underlying emotional issues that were causing me to overeat. one year later i lost the first 100 pounds, in the february of 2012 , i switched ed ted to an online calorie counter . today i weigh 173 pounds and i just ran my first half marathon in march. by learning how to eat less and move more, i've been able to sustain a healthy life.

>> wow.

>> and the leader of our pack is "today" nutritionist, joy bauer. great to see you.

>> he sounds like a lovely guy.

>> this guy literally struggled with morbid obesity his whole life. a few years ago, the food clicked and the exercise clicked and he worked with a church program to resolve a lot of the emotional issues. i love that he talked about the app. lose it. i have a whole number of apps that viewers need to learn about because they're free. when you download them on a smartphone on the computer, it track what is you're eating.

>> instead of having to look it up.

>> i like lose it. my fitness pal. spark people, fat secret, daily burn, and my diet diary, they're all free.

>> on our website, just in case. these are his famous pumpkin granola bars, he doesn't buy any processed convenient snacks now, he makes this many, they're 150 calories and i'm going to tweet out the recipe.

>> can we try them?

>> they're delicious.

>> look all of these wholesome ingredients. dark chocolate chips, cranberries and oats and pumpkin puree.

>> this tastes fantastic.

>> he's a fabulous cook.

>> let's look at dale before, shall we? all right. dale, come join the joy fit club .

>> oh, my gosh! how are you?

>> where did dale go?

>> dale?

>> what happened to dale bittner?

>> wow! you look great. and these are mighty fine. i got to tell you.

>> wow.

>> you didn't have to give up things that you love, the tastes and things that you like?

>> right, it was getting things more in proportion and making great choices.

>> we're so happy for you. what's your next goal. you ran the half marathon ?

>> i'm thinking i want to try to do a full marathon in the fall.

>> it's great. you're an animal.

>> look behind you.

>> hi, sweetie.

>> congratulations.

>> coming up tomorrow.