TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

5 sexy summer looks for the beach

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows of five fabulous summer looks that will make you feel great for your upcoming trip to the beach, including such accessories as chic sunglasses, trendy sandals and totes.

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>>> memorial kay day is two weeks away. and if a new bathing suit isn't on the top of your summer wardrobe, don't worry, it can all be about the accessories, here for cover-ups is "today" contributor and "people style watch" contributing editor, jill martin.

>> it's a little cold to be talking bathing suits today in new york , but i want to start with one must-have accessory for you two for spring-summer --

>> they're readers.

>> i love it. before you plan your outfit to go -- you will be all set with prints.

>> they're great.

>> hot.

>> summer dresses.

>> let's start with rosa .

>> so rosa , the first trend which we have rosa right here in a $47 dress from alchemy. the trend here is flirty and ruffles and what i love about ruffles is especially at the start of the summer, it can camouflage any area that's your problem area. in a longer dress, shorter dress, but ruffles are the big trend. and going from day to night. the feeted sandal.

>> and the blue toenails.

>> you always can use your nails as an accessory and the cost is $39 from gilt. just taking a simple dress and sort of twisting it up.

>> thank you, rosa .

>> next we have paris, rocking a nice beach cover-up.

>> so music is very romantic.

>> so this is the tunic, but usually it's a little boxy. so meet the tailored tunic. it comes in a little bit around the waist.

>> and i like that.

>> a cute little line in the arm. tight and flaired.

>> a little personality. you can throw on a pair of white jeans and prints are so big. that's what you should look for.

>> how about that.

>> and then the dressed-up beach tote. not a lot of straw tote. there's a lot of harrodware and leather. $59 at gap.

>> affordable.

>>> next up, shorts. everyone goes wrong with these.

>> we have to show them. not a lot of people can wear short shorts.

>> but laura can.

>> you can also opt for a skirt or a longer pair of shorts. or a skort.

>> skorts are very in.

>> and then -- another big trend here are the printed beach bag. this is from billabong for $54 and it makes an outfit pop and the sandals, you won't be seeing regular flip flops, you'll be seeing these accessorized sandals.

>> let's talk about a sarong. this is phoebe. this is stunning. phoebe has a barbeque to go to. you take the corners like this, a regular square. wrap it around. and then just tie it around your neck and it's a dress.

>> that's adorable.

>> it's very easy to do.

>> but phoebe is tornado and slender.

>> you could actually use a bigger square if you want to. as a --

>> what are you saying?

>> if you want it longer.

>> you look adorable.

>> thank you, sweetie.

>> let's bring out dara. she's got a maxi dress on.

>> kathie lee loves maxi dresses.

>> this is $59. love the maxi dress. the accessories here are the exotic earrings, $28 from lord and taylor. it's something you could throw in your beach bag and add them to dress it up.