TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Savannah had ‘no idea’ fiancé would propose

TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda are joined by Savannah Guthrie, whom they congratulate on getting engaged over the weekend. Via telephone, Savannah’s fiancé, Mike Feldman, admits he a was a little bit nervous about popping the question, even though the couple have been together for about four years.

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>> announcer: "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody.

>> welcome to fun-day monday, where hoda and me and my sty are so happy you're with us. for the second week, third week.

>> please go to the doctor.

>> i just got off the phone from dr. starr. he's the best eye doctor in the world . he says i'm going to be fine.

>> so what's he going to do to it?

>> i don't know, but he can have his way with it. it's fine with me.

>> some people think they had a great weekend. but i don't think anybody had a better weekend than savannah guthrie .

>> i don't know if you guys heard --

>> big news around here.

>> humungous news.

>> bigger than anything.

>> we would like to unveil to the country --

>> they've already seen it.

>> savannah guthrie got engaged.

>> hi!

>> hi, ladies.

>> oh, my gosh. we knew something was up with you today, you've been floating on a cloud.

>> i'm supposed to go over here. hold on.

>> come on over, your champagne is waiting for you.

>> it's funny. because i didn't know what to do. i didn't know if i should tell anyone. so i decided to see if anyone would notice.

>> no one noticed. so i get in --

>> and this is a rock.

>> how did they not notice it?

>> i know, it's, i have this weather system . it's a beautiful ring.

>> it's an ice cube , really.

>> mike your fianc? has great taste.

>> my fianc?, say that again.

>> hey, mike.

>> hey, mike. savannah's fianc?.

>> hello.

>> aw.

>> michael feldman . a little lipstick on the teeth.

>> he's used to it.

>> how are you, michael, congratulations to you, too.

>> why thank you so much. it's not bad being the luckiest guy in the world .

>> were you nervous when you proposed, mike?

>> yeah, i was nervous. i was a little nervous, to be honest. especially after the long pause.

>> you knew she was going to say yes, right? the woman's desperate.

>> well, i was hoping. you know, hoping, i assume there's a secondary market for diamonds like that. so -- i was, i was very, very, very happy when she finally said yes.

>> so how did he do it? did he get on his knee?

>> we went to turks and caicos .

>> to this beautiful place. and we just love it there and the sun was setting and he was like -- nice touch with the champagne by the sunset. and i was like maybe we should go to the barbie the pool. i just really had no idea, he truly shocked me.

>> you've been talking about getting married.

>> for four years.

>> we talk about it all the time. that's why i didn't really -- it didn't really dawn on me that he was actually asking because i thought we were just talking about it.

>> so he showed you the ring and that was the dead give-away. and he got on one knee and i thought we were still talking and then he brought out the box and then i didn't open it for a long time because i was overcome.

>> you're an intelligent woman, when did it dawn on you he was asking you to get married?

>> when the little box came out.

>> and that's the best when he focused on him. not the ring.

>> mike, do you know when you guys are getting married?

>> as soon as possible.

>> well we have a couple of dresses picked out.

>> yeah.

>> we moved way ahead.

>> we don't want to wait around. we thought this would be cute. we tried some dresses on you, we hope you don't mind.

>> i think we have another one.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that's very pretty.

>> obviously someone else's body.

>> hardly.

>> and then you --

>> yes, and mike would look lovely in a royal red coat .

>> that's been done.

>> and i love that one.

>> that is pretty.

>> savannah, you can wear anything.

>> such a phenomenal body.

>> oh, please. oh, my gosh. that's like weird.

>> we're so thrilled for you.

>> cheers.

>> mike we wish you were here for a champagne celebration. we wish you all the happiness in the world .

>> we'll have it soon enough.

>> keep on drinking, too. the hard stuff , right now.

>> now he's going to have to move up here, right?

>> yeah. he will. he's already halfway, anyway.

>> okay. because you're not going anywhere, missy.

>> no, no, no. savannah, thank you.

>> we love you.

>> thanks.

>> drink it on the go.

>> thank you.

>> are they underwear? i love this show.

>> this is nbc news, if you don't mind.

>> hi, sara.

>> that was exciting.

>> that's great.

>> let's talk about your weekend, first.

>> well you came with me on thursday night.

>> yes, we did. to an event that means a great deal to me. there's an organization called the ijm, the international justice mission . that's my friend gary hougan who started it. he was the state department 's point man after rwanda. to go to rwanda, to make sense, if that's in any way possible, out of the genocide there. he decided the only way to solve problems like that through the world would be through the local justice system . he's a harvard lawyer and a brilliant guy and has the biggest heart of almost anyone i've ever known. he left the state department , told his wife that, and they had four children within three and a half years.

>> wow.

>> that god had sort of laid it on his heart to do something in this world .

>> he made a big change.

>> quite a few years ago and 500 lawyers later, they, he raised almost $1 million that night. they rescue victims of slavery and other violent abuse all over the world . it's an incredible organization.

>> very, very, very moving. i was there for part of the evening it makes you feel like i can't believe this is all happening and why aren't i doing something to help.

>> they go into like cambodia and rescue little 5-year-old girls from brothels. that kind of thing and you say yourself, what am i doing. what you can do is help them.

>> it's a great organization.

>> and you went to one of our favorite places -- the mission.

>> they do this every thanksgiving and every mother's day. where they serve food to families in need. and met some terrific, great people there great moms and kids. it was an entire family from queens that was displaced because of the hurricane. and they were all great people. so big congratulations to them.

>> a beautiful spirit.

>> and i want to thank my new dog trainer , jessica.

>> have you gotten a bill yet?

>> i got a dog trainer . this is what i say to jess kaxt she's al's dog trainer so i said great. we were sitting in my apartment. she was talking about all this stuff and i said don't you need to evaluate blake? and she said, no, i need to evaluate you.

>> that's what cesar milan always says, you're the problem, not the dog.

>> and i was like oh, she was like, what are you doing to him and i said i'm trying. now he runs in circles, he chases his tail. i tried to walk him. i got a new collar, he's running in circles.

>> you're supposed to walk the dog , not let him walk you.

>> i have to tell you, but she did get me new treats. i will show you my favorite thing and they are helping. they are so good. he loves them.

>> hopefully, do we have the pictures of the little dog that i got that day? we have an update of cinnamon lee.

>> what, cinnamon lee?

>> oh, my god.

>> cinnamon lee apparently one day just up and jumped in the pool. look how much -- and that's ollie.

>> he grew.

>> he grew like crazy. and ollie had always been a single dog and they're like the best friends in the world and my friend karen says cinnamon lee is the greatest dog that ever lived. remember how worried i was that day. i did what you're never supposed to do is give a dog to somebody that doesn't want one. and it's turned out to be the greatest blessing. little cinnamon lee.

>>> favorite things, hoda-woman.

>> one of them, if you're looking for a treat for your dog because your dog doesn't do what you ask him to do.

>> because you're a terrible mother.

>> they're called zukes. salmon, chicken, peanut butter , different ones, they're $5.79. hold it up and he will do a circle in the air.

>> maybe that's the problem.

>> but for people, this is crazy, you guys, these are called dave's sweet tooth toffey. they came to my house, $5 for a pack, let's open and taste. please take a tiny bite. you're going to die.

>> oh, my god. dave's sweet tooth .com. it's taufoffee.

>> could you die?

>> it's great.

>> my god. what do you have?

>> i have, this is the ultimate swim brief for guys to wear undertheir yong side, you can tell, bathing suits to prevent that awful chafing that you men go through. that's the back.

>> this is the front.

>> not where i live.

>> got to make some room, baby. but they're very soft and they're, they're from

>> feel how comfortable.

>> oh!

>> the woman made them because her son and her husband and everybody were always complaining about the new kind of bathing suits where everything sort of flops around so you wear these under.

>> that's such a smart idea.

>> one for cody and one for frank.

>> what do you have, sweetie?

>> i have this originss ginsing cream. it's shimmery.

>> could we look as beautiful as you?

>> you dab it under your eye.