TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Is Beyoncé expecting baby No. 2?

Bonnie Fuller from and Roseanne Colletti from Gossip Gram discuss Seth Meyers replacing Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night,” Barbara Walters announcing she’ll retire, and fans of Beyoncé specualating about whether she is pregnant again.

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>>> we're back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz, prince harry is living it up in the u.s. while owl four judges are out on the " american idol ."

>> here with the celebrity scoop are bonnie fuller , editor in chief of "hollywood" and holly from gossip gram. we should start out with seth myers , big news on "snl." he's taking over the late-night spot, that jimmy fallon is moving on from.

>> even though he's been the head writer for eight years and done the weekly update for seven, he doesn't do sketches. so it will be interesting to see how the show shifts to show what he's going to do. he may do more interviews or the next season in "snl" maybe he'll start doing sketches to practice.

>> hopefully he'll make it his, that's the important thing, if he tries to follow anybody else or -- be somebody else other than himself. it will not work.

>>> let's talk about barbara walters .

>> a big announcement. were you guys surprised by that?

>> i wasn't surprised. there's been a lot of rumors that she's going to step down. she's had a lot of health scares the last year and she's had to take some time off. she's 83, going out with a big bang , a whole year ahead.

>> all right.

>> she was a real trail blazer for women. her career started here on the " today show ."

>> what happens to "the view" you guys, does it stay?

>> it stays. she'll going to continue to executive-produce it. and she said it was fantastic that the show would go on without her.

>> it's her baby. she's the owner of it, so it behooves her.

>> what's up with beyonce. is she having baby number two?

>> that's the rumor. the rumors started last week when fan pictures came out of her at concerts showing what look like a little bump and you know, she's banned regular photographers from taking pictures.

>> that's kind of ridiculous, a little, isn't it?

>> her little girl is about 16 months old. she's made it very clear that she wants a sibling for her daughter. there was the gown at the met balance here in new york. which had some people buzzing because of the high waist. but we have on " today show " on behalf of the " today show " reached out to her rep and mum's the word.

>> " american idol ," wow, you expected one but it looks like they're doing a whole cleaning house.

>> at hollywood life, we're hearing that from our sources, first randi has confirmed that he's leaving and we've heard that it's going to be a clean slate . including maybe even from the top, executive producer and a whole change in format. the ratings are down, 25%.

>> they're going to have to do something drastic.

>> fox is up front for advertisers today, they'll be talking about this and announcing this.

>> any buzz about new judges? or is it too soon?

>> there's a lot of buzz, we've even heard justin bieber selena gomez .

>> all the names mean they want to go younger demographic?

>> right and they also want to go cheaper.

>> i don't think you're going to get justin bieber for cheaper.

>> so lindsay lohan , wants out of betty ford .

>> well --

>> the rumor, yeah.

>> that's right. there are all of these rumors that she was so upset that her adderol was taken away.

>> i hate it when they do that!

>> she may not necessarily be wrong about the adderol and the rumors about that. i spoke to a renowned psychiatrist about the adderol who says she may be better off with it the mental health community is divided on its use on whether it causes more trouble than it cures. that's something that she has to work out. she says it makes her calmer.

>> they won't let her smoke.

>> are you allowed to smoke at betty ford ?

>> i think betty ford is really strict and i think that's why --

>> that's what she needs.

>> that's exactly what she needs. they say they want family therapy. they want to bring in dina, michael.

>> that's dysfunctional. the whole group.

>> maybe they'll get a suite there, all of them.

>> she has to stay there first.

>> and you have to do chores there and you got to be, you got to be like everybody else . nobody's a star there.

>> and you have to make your own bed. believe it or not, some people don't know how to do that,