TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Blair Underwood talks ‘Ironside’ revival

The actor talks about starring in the upcoming NBC cop drama “Ironside,” a revival of a ‘60s series about a wheelchair-bound detective who battles bad guys after having been paralyzed in a shooting.

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>>> so nbc is announcing its fall schedule today, we're joined by blair underwood .

>> "ironside" revival of the '60s and '70s era cop dra in a, a wheelchair-bound detective who keeps on battling guys after he's par liesed in a shooting. blair, great to see you. we were talking most of us too young to have seen the show, i think you were too young, too.

>> i was a baby.

>> for the audience, a little background on the show.

>> it's an iconic show. there's a certain generation that said "i loved ironside." it's ultimately a show about a man who was a detective, is a detective and he is in a wheelchair obviously a paraplegic, shot in the back spinal cord injury but he's brilliant at what he does. what's excited about the updated version we do a lot of flashbacks so i have to not only get up and run and jump he's only two years into the injury so a lot of great character stuff while he's dealing with this whole, you know, this disability that he really doesn't want to acknowledge but it's there, and he doesn't allow other people to acknowledge it but in his private moments he has to.

>> how hard is that to play a paralyzed man?

>> well i got to tell you it's challenging. my mother happens to be in a wheelchair and has been for the last ten years or so, so really we had a chance to have conversations we never had, because she was like that, kind of that type of personality she's a sweetheart, she doesn't want to and never played the victim so we had a chance to have those conversations but i would embarrass my kids because we'd go out to restaurants and doing research i'd go in the wheelchair.

>> you're' sexy guy in the wheelchair.

>> there you go.

>> only because i'm trying to be like al.

>> glad it's working for you.

>> i saw it when it originally aired, i'm an old guy.

>> with raymond burr .

>> it airs wednesday nights here