TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Do you keep gadgets on in-flight? You’re not alone

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new study that shows 30 percent of airline passengers forget to turn off their electronics during takeoff and landing, raising questions about whether interference from gadgets is a real concern.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, may 13th , 2013 . beautiful day outside at 30 rock and not just because the sun is out. we have business news in our "today" family inside studio 1a i'm willie geist with al roker and natalie morales . breaking news, savannah guthrie engaged.

>> remember i used to always sit here with you guys at the top of the 9:00 and you'd kick me off and then you said don't come back until you do something newsworthy. so this is what i had to do.

>> this just in, oh, hell froze over.

>> i know. i know, that was my mom talking in your ear.

>> all grown up.

>> four years in the making. personally, mike feldman is one of the great guys independent of savannah guthrie , greatest guys you'll ever meet in your life and you're so great together. can you share how it happened?

>> we want a re-enactment.

>> mike feldman is the greatest guy. i am so lucky. he's just the sweetest and best person, he puts up with me and it's no picnic sometimes. he's just the greatest and i was truly shocked. i was really, and i'm embarrassed now because in retrospect all the signs were there, we went to this awesome beach place we've gone before, like three years ago, and we've been talking about it and it's like, sunset and he gets out the champagne, i'm like why don't we go to the bar and have a drinks, why do you want to do it here? i didn't really realize what was happening until the second that he handed me the ring.

>> what a great white house correspondent you were.

>> my observation and perception, they were not there in that moment but i was so exciting and really touched.

>> oh.

>> four years in the making.

>> yes.

>> you've been dating this guy for a long time. were there other moments along the way you said this might be it that you were expecting you were going to get engaged?

>> not really. we've been talking about it for a long time. we definitely were thinking about it but i think we just, the time was the right time for us.

>> do we have a date yet?

>> we don't. we have to figure out what to do. we don't know, should we do a big wedding or something small.

>> make you could get help from people on planning it.

>> no, no.

>> we have a lot of people who can help you out.

>> we probably want to keep it low key but i don't know.

>> get married on the plaza.

>> that's where i was going.

>> our producers may have something different in mind.

>> can you make it november, february or may?

>> we called our parents and, i know i hear what you're saying. no! we called our parents and then i handed the phone, my mom, i handed it to mike and she said, "what took you so long?" and when i talked to mike's mom, she said "finally."

>> truth be told we've been on mike's case and plus your family.

>> coming to our parties.

>> we all went out to dinner, well, mike, when's it going to happen?

>> i've been thinking about this beautiful verse that means a lot to me and it is that god makes everything beautiful in its time.

>> oh.

>> this is the right time.

>> fantastic.

>> we love you, we love mike and we love you even more together. congratulations.

>> thanks, guys.

>> come back to "take three" when you get married.

>> you said bring something special or you're not coming back.

>> not before that. congrats, low of you..

>> bye.

>> take two, tv news especially across the street.

>> a lot of people expected this to happen but it became official that seth myers of "snl" fame will replace jimmy fallon as the host of " late night " when fallon takes over "the tonight show " next year around winter olympic time, february of next year. seth has been the head writer of "snl" and hosted weekend updates and great choice. smooth transition. fallon made sense going in for conan and seth behind jay. letterman, conan, fallon and now seth myers . good company to be in.

>> i wonder who takes over " weekend update " desk as well.

>> whoever it is they'll eventually be added in and of course lorne michaels . "saturday night live" "the tonight show " and --

>> all in one building, late night to new york city .

>> we all have to get through the crowds in that building, too.

>> exactly. congrats to seth , couldn't be happier for him.

>>> take three, electronic devices on airplanes, the faa is looking into whether or not you have to turn that device off on takeoff and landing. well, there's a new poll out that shows 30% of us accidentally do not, accidentally do not turn off devices during takeoff and landing. are you guilty?

>> on my flight back from europe this last time all of a sudden as we're landing you hear the ring, my phone is ringing not quite like that.

>> i was going to say wow, that ring? brr, brrr. wah, wah.

>> where is that coming from? oh i think that's coming from my air.

>> your ring tone is. bow-chick-a-wow-wow

>> al, were you calling me?

>> that's the al ring. sometimes you put it in your bag.

>> you think you turn it off, sometimes you press it and looks like it's shutting itself down but doesn't.

>> the big question the faa is looking at does it interfere enough with navigation.

>> there's been studies on that and different conclusions. the jury is still out.

>> in the meantime natalie has a look at the headlines.