TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

6 ways to look better naked

With a little help from TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, Linda Wells of Allure magazine reveals how you can look and feel sexier than ever with just a few simple tips.

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>>> in morning on "tooled's beauty" a headline that caught our attention, thousand look better naked. turn down the lights . linda we kathie lee and hoda got wind of the segment so we're all here in our sexy robes. good morning to you. so the first is the mood lighting.

>> that's right, and it's dark right now.

>> don't change it.

>> don't you feel sexy right now but the idea is you want a low light , not light coming from all over the place, because it creates a shadow.

>> we intended for this light to be on. we didn't mean to be in silhouettes like in the witness protection program but 25 watts is the optimum.

>> only one.

>> why not candlelight?

>> too many candles and it creates weird shadows.

>> i like weird shadows.

>> well then go right ahead.

>> oh, no!

>> look at this list. we all want to have the sexy naked lazy hair. z>> victoria's secret model hair, get it from a dry shampoo.

>> just don't put too much on.

>> we're attracted to you kathie right now.

>> it's great because it's hiding my stye.

>> that's always sexy, too.

>> this a dry shampoo and you can use the beachy spray. loreal is great because it doesn't take away the shine.

>> can we go to the skin, critically important.

>> do not stick that in the water, this is dry brushing so you do it --

>> must hurt.

>> dry skin but you do it gently. you can do it hard on your field, not your chest or neck. do it before your shower and gets your skin moving.

>> wow, you needed that.

>> then you can use the scrub in the shower, chest, neck, everywhere and get rid of the bumps.

>> come on over, ladies, moisturize.

>> wow i'm learning a lot.

>> what is this, linda ?

>> self-tanner because tfl self-tanner gets rid of a multitude of sins, cellulite, and spider veins . st. tropez has a dark bronze mousse and tinted so you can see where you missed. they stihas a floral scent, and if you want to use a gradual that is easy to use.

>> it's good to wear a little makeup though most don't wear makeup in bed.

>> but it's nice if you're going to go out and whatever is going to happen later you want to make sure your makeup stays.

>> married lady.

>> almost.

>> primer gets rid of the flaws and fills your fine lines and pores and your makeup sticks to your skin and waterproof mascara.

>> last but not least.

>> nude shoes. it elongates your leg and want the shoe to match your skin.

>> these are kind of or nottic shoes.

>> you don't wear orthopedics.

>> these are all under $100 and you can get all different colors for every different skin shade. you don't sleep in them.

>> no.

>> unless you want to.

>> and that is why we invited you to the segment. all the time.

>> linda wells thank you so much.

>> thank you, good to see you.