TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

J.J. Abrams: New ‘Star Trek’ is ‘standalone film’

The director of “Star Trek Into Darkness” talks about the movie’s “incredible” set and says “you don’t need to have seen the other films” to enjoy this installment of the iconic franchise.

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>> from blockbuster books to blockbusters, j.j. abrams , upcoming director of " star trek into darkness ." good to have you back.

>> good to be back thank you.

>> an iconic film franchise for the second one in this particular installment you basically almost built a spaceship as i understand. i've been hearing from some of the stars by this last week the set was amazing.

>> the set was incredible. the key for this movie was two things, one to make it feel like a standalone thing, you don't need to have seen the other films or original tv show and the set felt authentic, a lot of things are green screen , blue screen , you feel it's not real. we have an amazing set.

>> we've had a couple actors from the movie on already. they told us nothing, absolutely nothing. we have done --

>> i love them.

>> we've done interviewed where people stared at us. they said you had threatened them is what they all said. so tell us.

>> i am going to kill them. no, this say movie about a group of people who work together as a family, put up against incredible -- cumberbatch is an amazing guy and it's a test, like how far will you go to protect the ones you love. it's a pretty harrowing crazy fun adventure.

>> you're not staying far from space. you've been partially chosen by george lucas to carry on the " star wars " episodes.

>> yes, that's the next thing i'm working on.

>> it's got to be terrifying.

>> it's a thrill, it's something i loved when i was a kid. " star trek " i was never a huge fan of growing up but i came to love it working on it but " star wars " is something i loved when i was a kid.

>> any idea when the first film will roll out.

>> i know when they want it to be. they say 2015 but you know, maybe 2115.

>> oh, my.

>> any clues on the finale of "revolution"?

>> it's amazing, eric did an extraordinary job and the end of the year is unbelievable so we're excited about that and have a great story for next season.

>> he's full of projects, not full of information this morning but we love having you. i'm just kidding. we should mention " star trek " opens nationwide