TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Clue from Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ revealed

A day before bestselling author Dan Brown’s newest book, “Inferno,” is released, NBC’s Keir Simmons shares a clue about the plot, revealing a key place featured in the book that contains the tomb of a woman who inspired great works of literature.

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>> what?

>> dan brown of "the da vinci code lost symbol" is releasing his newest book, this one is called "inferno" and if it's anything like his books in the past it will be a huge sensation so we actually today we'll have an exclusive interview with dan tomorrow but today we have a first clue that will tell you something about the story so let's take a look behind us.

>> hmm.

>> the place featured in dan brown 's new book inferno often called the church of love, it's the holy place where people worship god , but they also come to pay homage to a great man from a time of rebirth. inside is the tomb of a lady of legend and a basket of letters left by people hoping to overcome unrequitted love. this lady is the inspiration and great work of literature and art and made famous by a man who allegedly only met her twice. who is this lady that holds a precious clue in dan brown 's new book and what is this location? duh, duh, duh

>> he's really good at this. i have zero guesses i had to cheat and find out what it is. if you have a guess go on twitter, use #danbrowntoday and we will reveal the answer in the next half hour.

>> a little earlier we gave you a clue regarding dan brown 's newest book that is being released tomorrow, where can you leave love letters in a holy place ? some of the answers come in to us so far, we had someone who said cape nolan, brian sweet eed verona, lit i, that's where they think. nick baesedguessed beatrice portinari . the answer is dante's church in florence, italy and the lady's tomb inside is the tomb of beatrice, his unrequited love .

>> smart viewer got it right there.

>> we'll have our exclusive interview with dan brown tomorrow morning on "today".