TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Prince Harry gets football lesson at Warrior Games

As his U.S. tour continues, the young royal lit the torch at the competition for wounded military servicemen and women this weekend and got a lesson in American football from cadets at the Air Force Academy.

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>>> prince harry seems to be enjoying his whirlwind tour of the u.s.. ben fogle has been tagging along for the royal road trip.

>> good morning, congratulations, savannah.

>> thank you.

>> prince harry is never more comfortable than when he's in his military fatigues surrounded by soldiers. this is how captain wales has spent most of his tour. another day, another stop from what's become prince harry 's u.s. charm offensive, this time bringing his star power to the warrior games.

>> racers ready.

>> reporter: the competition for military servicemen and women.

>> no reason why the war games shouldn't be recognized worldwide, same amount of attention.

>> reporter: the prince lit the ceremony torch with bradley snyder and four-time olympic gold medal winner missy franklin, having already wished him happy hop day. did you give him swimming advice?

>> i did not but i'd be more than happy to service.

>> reporter: he tried a different sport, getting a lesson in that other football from cadets at the u.s. air force academy . and accidentally hitting a row of photographers. which led to a more supportive role with the cheerleaders. he also joined the british sitting volleyball team in an exhibition against misty may treanor. prince harry gave you a kiss, whereabouts?

>> two, two.

>> reporter: this is the prince's first official trip to the u.s. since its infamous un unofficial advise id to vegas last summer. stops here have helped distinguish the prince from that visit.

>> he served two tours in afghanistan, he's extremely committed to his career. he's in his element because he's just one of the boys.

>> there are no public engagements for the prince today. tomorrow he's back in action in new york city and the jersey shore .

>> ben fogle thank you and tell him i'm no longer available.

>> missed the window.

>> he may just go home today.