TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Congratulations to Savannah Guthrie! She’s engaged!

The TODAY anchors congratulate Savannah Guthrie on her engagement to boyfriend of four years Mike Feldman as she jokes “no one noticed” her gorgeous new ring.

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>> reflection.

>> is that something in your eye.

>> how about that? i tweeted this morning a little photo you might want to check out. savannah, you have big news over the weekend.

>> yes! i got engaged over the weekend to my boyfriend. [ cheers and applause ] mike sullivan , who i adore.

>> that's good news.

>> we've been dating for four years so he said no one will accuse us of rushing into anything and i just came in this morning and wearing this ring hoping that one of my colleagues here might notice, and i even ate my oatmeal like this in front of you and i was stretching in front of you and no one noticed.

>> you could have seen it from across the room. it's a beauty.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> so excited for you.

>> "today" throws a wedding!

>> don't even think it. i'm really happy. we're really excited.

>> and congratulations to mr. feldman.

>> and for our mothers, they're