TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Dramatic new video shows rescue of Ohio captives

Newly released cell phone video shows officers pushing in the front door of the Cleveland home where three women were rescued after being held hostage for a decade. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>> the rescue of the three women in cleveland and for the first time we get to see what happened at the house of horrors one week ago.

>> we're learning more about the possible defense strategies that could be used by the suspect in this case. let's get to "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen . he's in cleveland, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning to you. lot to get to this morning. including ariel castro sitting inis 9'x 9'jail cell beginning to map out his defense strategy . there are other big headlines over the weekend as well. ariel castro 's brothers, arrested and cleared by police they're speaking out for the first time. what do they have to stay about their brother and that dramatic video taking you inside the moment police officers rushed up this sidewalk and freed the girls from that house. in this cell phone video obtained by nbc news, officers rush to the scene, pushing in the front door.

>> oh [ bleep ].

>> reporter: once inside, gina dejesus and michelle knight jumped into officers' arms. the bystanders who shot the video say they saw amanda berry outside in tears holding her 6-year-old daughter.

>> she was saying that she needed help, that they were in danger, she just kept hugging the cop and telling them, you know, like keep me protected.

>> reporter: police arrested ariel castro and his two brothers, pedro and onil. the two brothers were later cleared. they spoke to cnn sunday.

>> i could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not be, i would not in a minute i would call the cops because that ain't right. if i knew, i would have reported it. brother or no brother.

>> reporter: no ariel castro is mounting his defense. over the weekend holding a private jailhouse meeting with his new lawyer, craig weintraub, a veteran defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes . after castro reportedly confessed some legal experts say one of his only options will be an insanity defense .

>> we'll have to prove he couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong in ohio for this ten year or longer. the next best thing is to remove the death penalty situation and agree to a plea.

>> plea guilty, prosecutor takes the death penalty off the table and he serves life.

>> and you save the victims of reliving the trauma of reliving the event in the courtroom.

>> reporter: in a statement, amanda says, "i am so happy to be home with my family." gina, "i want to thank everyone for all your prayers" and from michelle "i am healthy, happy and safe." their spokesman now pleading for their privacy.

>> give them the time, the space and the privacy so that they can continue to get stronger.

>> reporter: police want to open seymour avenue soon but they have a problem, they have to keep people out of that house. there may still be evidence in there so now, matt, the city is building a 10'to 12'fence around it.