TODAY   |  May 12, 2013

100-year-old skis on her birthday

Elsa Bailey has been skiing for 75 years and made sure to do it on her 100th birthday. She said she believes in positive thinking and also said, “I do things my way.” TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> and finally, i present to you reasons why some people don't ski. bad cold. not enough snow. six months pregnant. that's mine. and 100 years old. el elsa bailey doesn't subscribe to that. she celebrated her 100th birthday , yep, on skis. she's been skiing for 75 years! she started her day jumping on the trampoline. i mentioned she's 100, right?

>> wow.

>> then she hit the slopes with an entourage, clearly. elsa believes in positive thinking and says, quote, i do things my way. on behalf of us here at "today" show, let us say happy mother's day. great to see you kicking and screaming .

>> i want to be elsa .

>> yeah, don't we all? i want to be skiing at 40.

>> congratulations to her.