TODAY   |  May 12, 2013

With help from mom, 20-year-old flies solo around world

Jack Wiegand is hoping to soar into the record books as the youngest person to fly around the world. While he may be alone in the air, his mom is his ground support. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> how's this for an overachiever? a 24-year-old from california has set his sights on becoming the youngest person to fly solo around the world. and as duncan reports, on mother's day, it's only appropriate he's doing it with some big help from his mom.

>> reporter: jack is hoping to soar into the record books. the youngest person to fly all around the world on his own. nine days into the adventure, he landed in london right on time.

>> good afternoon! [ applause ]

>> reporter: jack, who's 20 years old, set off from california hoping to break the record held by a 22-year-old. so far, his journey has taken him north to canada, iceland, and now great britain. he'll land in 16 more cities across europe, the middle east , asia, and russia before he once again reaches the u.s. it's long been a dream for jack, who started flying gliders at the age of 13 and quickly set his sights high.

>> i think it's been ambition for about four years now. around the age of 17 is when i learned about the record. and i thought to myself i'd really like to try to achieve something like this.

>> reporter: with such determination comes organization. at each stop, checking his bags often, making sure nothing is left behind. it's a lesson jack learned the hard way when he got to canada he realized his passport was still on a photo copier back home in fresno.

>> customs officer --

>> reporter: mom came to the rescue.

>> i set off around the world without one of the most important documents i needed -- my passport.

>> reporter: you will never, ever forget your passport.

>> hopefully, not.

>> reporter: the next stop for this young adventurer, italy, just so long as he remembers that passport. for "today," duncan golestani, nbc news, london.