TODAY   |  May 12, 2013

Neighbors rally for ‘forgotten’ Cleveland victim

Residents of Cleveland, Ohio, marched for victim Michelle Knight because they said they see her as the “forgotten” one, since she did not return home to her family with the same fanfare the other two victims. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> meantime, in cleveland, residents are trying to come together this morning and find a way to help in the horrific kidnapping case. ron allen has more on that and what new challenges may lie ahead for one of the victims. ron, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you, lester. yes, area churches and houses of worship have been asked to take up a special collection this morning for the four survivors and their families. one of the many ways the community is trying to support them, especially michelle knight, who for many reasons, received the least attention during this entire ordeal. [ chanting michelle ] they marched for michelle knight because they see her as the forgotten one. amanda berry with her daughter and gina dejesus returned home to joyous reunion with family and friends. but knight left the hospital with no fanfare for a secret location.

>> we just want to let michelle know that, you know, she may have been forgotten but as a community we'll never forget herment.

>> reporter: knight, now 32, was the first of three women to be abducted. a single mother who authorities say they could not confirm was actually missing at the time. her disappearance never a huge news story, like berry or dejesus. then and now, for reasons that are unclear, relatives say knight is estranged from her family. meanwhile, the community struggles forward. workers busy sealing the house prosecutors called a torture chamber , and erecting a high fence around it. officials say there are credible threats of arson.

>> for now, we'll do what we need to to protect that property, particularly as i suspect for evidentiary purposes.

>> reporter: the curious and the concerned come from miles to see where the unimaginable happened.

>> i would imagine they'd tear it down and -- i mean, who would want to live in a place like that after all the tragedy and everything that went on in there?

>> reporter: the house also a focal point for activists.

>> know your neighbors! know 'em!

>> reporter: imploring everyone to never let anything like this happen again. and to remember all four survivors.

>> for michelle ! [ cheers ]

>> reporter: knight lost custody of a young son many years ago, before all this happened. her supporters are saying that they'll try to help her get the son back if that's what she wants. meanwhile, we're also learning knight has been in touch with gina dejesus and perhaps amanda berry as well, the only people know who know what they've been