TODAY   |  May 11, 2013

Create the perfect outdoor living space

Fashion meets function to prepare backyards for entertaining this spring and summer. Inside aesthetics can now go outdoors, with durable furniture and easy-to-install patio tiles. The Home Depot’s Dave White is interviewed by TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> this morning on "do more with spring today" we are hoping create an outdoor living space . dave white from home depot is here to help us create that little slice of heaven outside. these days when it's getting nicer no one wants to be inside.

>> no. you know what? if you've got any outdoor space you can use it doesn't have to be a couple plastic chairs and a patio. you can create living space just like you have inside so you'll want to go out and use it during the summer.

>> you want to use kind of the same inspiration you would for indoor living space as outdoor?

>> absolutely. the first thing to start with is a good base.

>> yes.

>> if you've got an old patio or deck that needs a little face lift i got a great idea for you.

>> okay.

>> these are called enviro tiles.

>> made out of recycled rubber?

>> entirely out of recycled rubber.

>> who brought the comedian?

>> they are light and easy to use and go down easy. you can put this on top of a wood surface.

>> could you put it on the grass too? to define a little space?

>> you can lay them out like you would concrete pavers where you dig in.

>> yeah.

>> you have to have good base for it. they are so easy to put down. they have little grooves.

>> you hook them together.

>> all you have to do is put the clips on.

>> even i can do that.

>> you put them on top of each other. put it down with a little mallet like this and you're ready to go.

>> done.

>> okay.

>> look what we've created over here.

>> we have our base here. now when we're talking about decorating the space what do you need tongue about when creating?

>> you have to think about what you want to do with the space and how you want to use it. do you want to entertain on the space? do you want to cook? do you want to serve food? do you just want to hang out? do you need shade? do you need music?

>> and you want to take your personal style into account too.

>> exactly. so it is really cool. you can actually go on our website now and create your own collection. you can pick the collection of seating and tables.

>> yes.

>> but then you can change the colors of your cushions.

>> so i notice more and more nowadays people are making outdoor cushions, outdoor fabrics. how durable is all of that? how long is it going to last?

>> they're all made to be outside. if you can bring things in it is a great idea to make it last longer but the cool thing is you can get accessories in different colors and designs.

>> this looks more like an indoor thing. we have to get to the grill which for many people is really the focal point of their outdoor living space .

>> many of us, yes. we rely on our outdoor cooking . again, this is sort of like you would be picking out an oven or something in your kitchen. how are you going to use it? what do you like, charcoal or gas or this is infrared so this is sort of a high tech .

>> infrared?

>> this is the kind of a new thing that is out there and it doesn't cook with the direct flame.

>> okay.

>> it actually cooks with infrared waves. there is the emitter here that takes that heat and makes a very --

>> is it like a convection oven ?

>> you can look at it like that. instead of having the flame charring the food it creates an intense heat that is extremely even.

>> there are a lot of men right now who are thinking father's day.

>> don't forget mother's day. we have a lot of great commercials and flower bowls for mom. don't forget mom.