TODAY   |  May 11, 2013

Woman flushes $22K diamond ring down toilet

TODAY's Jenna Wolfe reports on a woman in Hampton, Virginia, who accidentally flushed her diamond ring, valued at $22,000, down the toilet. Luckily, crews were able to recover the sparkler after sifting through waste.

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>>> needed another reason not to go to the bathroom wearing your jewelry, nothing good can come from a story that starts that way. let me just tell you that. a woman in hampton, virginia accidently flushed her $22,000 ring down the toilet. how do you accidently -- i get it falling off but you accidently -- and then with the flush? it took a couple days of pumping and sifting through the waste but here's the good news, guys. after all that, today the ring is back on her finger and glittering again.

>> it wasn't an automatic flusher was it?

>> okay. so i didn't dive that deeply into the story. but, clearly, erica thinks i should have.

>> once i dropped my i.d. in the toilet at work and i went oh! and i thought, i can do this and i didn't get my hand in there.

>> you didn't.

>> look, it was me. it was just number one. and i'm just telling you.

>> i set off the automatic flusher.

>> i think she was washing