TODAY   |  May 11, 2013

Over 6 years, 34 young women missing near Cleveland home

Ariel Castro, the man who is accused of kidnapping and raping three women, has not been tied to any other missing person cases in Ohio, but the case is an emotional jolt for the families of other women who have gone missing, many not far from Castro’s home. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> and the man accused of imprisoning three women and a child in his cleveland home remains behind bars this morning under a suicide watch . this as all three of his alleged victims are finally on their own since the start of their ordeal. ron allen is in cleveland with the latest for us. ron, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning you to, lester. this morning we expect the work to continue on the white house back there that prosecutors have labeled a torture chamber . the plan is to build a high fence around it, completely seal it up. eventually, they'll open up the street, this neighborhood as this community tries to move forward, but more importantly certainly the three women and child who endured so much there are also trying to get on with their lives. with michelle knight released from the hospital on friday all four survivors are now safely home . ariel castro is locked away and now with his own lawyer is the father of amanda berry's daughter born in captivity based on dna tests . investigators say the same tests do not link castro to any other missing person cases in ohio. another emotional jolt for families like the summers. their daughter, ashley, was 14 when she disappeared in 2007 not far from where castro allegedly kidnapped the three women a few years before then. summers' mother spoke exclusively to nbc news about her hopes and fears this past week.

>> i've been feeling all kinds of emotions. happy for the girls that are found. very sad it wasn't my daughter.

>> reporter: there are 34 teens and young women who have gone missing within ten miles of castro 's house over the past six years. the same house where the dramatic rescue and escape happened.

>> we found 'em. we found 'em.

>> i was shaking and hysterically crying.

>> reporter: jennifer dauncsh was the police dispatcher who sent the officers to the castro house after the 911 call. like many cops that night she recognized the name amanda berry instantly.

>> i couldn't believe i was hearing her voice. to actually hear her voice even as hysterical as she was, to hear her voice it was -- it was the most gratifying moment of my career.

>> reporter: the rescues and then a day later the family reunions would soon follow. bringing in ining an unimaginable ordeal to an end.

>> it was a joyful moment. we were crying and clapping and it was even still today it gives me chills.

>> reporter: one more incredible thing. she also happened to be the radio dispatcher on duty the night some ten years ago when the family of gina dejesus called in to report her missing. so she has seen the beginning and end of this incredible situation. meanwhile back here at the crime scene, again, we expect the work to continue to seal up that house.

>> all right. great to hear her account of receiving that call. thanks very much. erica?

>> remarkable to have taken both those calls.