TODAY   |  May 11, 2013

Neighbor goes on rampage with bulldozer

A Washington man allegedly angry at his neighbors took his bulldozer to the streets, damaging four homes and cutting power to others. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> finally, if your neighbor has a byob policy, bring your own bulldozer, be careful. honestly that's all i'm going to say. okay. i'll say more. according to neighbors a man in port angeles , washington, quote, just went nuts. he took a bulldozer on a rampage wrecking parts of four houses, a truck, and power pole for no apparent reason or at least none that has been released. nobody was hurt but power was out all day friday. so that was kind of a bummer.

>> that is crazy. kind of two crazy ones in a row there.

>> sometimes it's funny when you're surprised by some of the crazy things people do.

>> that one i did not see coming.

>> i did not see that one coming either as i