TODAY   |  April 01, 2015

Explosions rock Turkey-Syria border

NBC’s Richard Engel reports from Turkey where two car bomb explosions killed at least four people and injured dozens more in the town of Reyhanli near the Syria border.

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>>> several explosions rocked turkey's border with syria this morning. nbc's richard engel is live in istanbul with more. good morning, richard.

>> reporter: good morning, jenna. this has the potential to be quite a serious incident because of the tensions in the region, because of tensions between turkey and syria . what we've been told by turkish interior ministry officials, that there have been two car bomb explosions not very long ago inside turkey close to the syrian border. these two explosions were in the town of reyhandli, a place where many syrian refugees have escaped syria and are now living inside of the turkish borders. one of these explosions according to turkish officials was in front of the municipality building and killed four people, injured 18 others. the other explosion in an industrial zone . no one has claimed responsibility yet. however, the assumption among people is that this was carried out by the syrian government. syria blames turkey for supporting the opposition, for sheltering the opposition, and already there was so much anger, so much -- so many people accusing syrian government, syrian intelligence agents of doing this attack, that some turkish youths in reyhandli started smashing cars with syrian license plates and carrying out some vendetta violence against syrian property and roughing up syrian refugees as well.

>> we'll continue to follow that. richard engel , thank you very