TODAY   |  May 11, 2013

Victims saved from Cleveland house are ‘all smiles’

Special agent Vicki Anderson, of the FBI’s Cleveland division, was at the hospital to greet the newly freed victims saved from the Cleveland home. Anderson has continued to support the victims, saying, “I think a lot of times there were kind of speechless...they're just hugging their family.” TODAY’s Lester Holt reports.

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>>> the fbi agent, one of the fbi agents devoted themselves to finding them, describes meeting the women for the first time. she is also revealing new details about their years spent in captivity and the little girl who was born inside ariel castro 's house of horrors . special agent vicky anderson of the fbi 's cleveland division was at the hospital to greet the newly freed victims earlier this week. i'm just curious what their impression was seeing the outside world .

>> yeah. i think a lot of times they were kind of speechless. i mean, you could see on their faces, and they're just all smiles. they're hugging their families and they're just hugging and crying.

>> reporter: anderson has been with the fbi for 14 years. at one time she was immersed in the hunt for the missing girls. anderson knows gina and amanda's faces practically as well as her own.

>> i tried to just tell them, you know, i'm just so happy to see you. i'm sure they were looking at me like who are you?

>> reporter: anderson was there again when amanda berry went home to her family, taking her 6-year-old daughter with her. the child, who was born in captivity , the child who has been locked up ever since until this week. how is she taking in all of this activity?

>> she's a cutie, and, you know, i think she just doesn't have an understanding and it'll be really interesting, you know, what her mother explains to her as she grows up.

>> reporter: she is the fourth captive. anderson is careful not to reveal too much about her. she's in this photo taken at the hospital with her mom and her aunt. this young girl has clearly had an emotional week. she met a lot of strangers, many of them relatives. she was trusting of these people she had never met?

>> yeah, i mean, she saw mom, you know, she saw mom hugging her sister and, you know, she had seen her aunt at the hospital, so she now knew that individual and so i think she felt very comfortable in the home that she was brought to, plus mom was there.

>> reporter: on friday, authorities said preliminary dna testing confirmed ariel castro is the little girl 's father. but as for her life in captivity, only a few details have emerged. she didn't go to school.

>> she didn't go to school.

>> reporter: and as far as you know had no other relationships outside that house.

>> correct. correct. there were no playmates. there was nothing. there were no regular interactions with people.

>> reporter: musician ricky sanchez was one outsider who did meet the girl. sanchez says he often practiced with ariel castro , a bass guitarist , at the seymour avenue house . in fact, sanchez says he was there just last week and saw the little girl .

>> that little girl showed up and then when he saw her coming toward me he said, this is my granddaughter. he introduced her as a granddaughter.

>> reporter: sanchez says there were many locks on the door.

>> one here and one down, you know, one on top. when i tried to open the door , there were so many locks. one turned to the left. one turned to the right. it was confusing.