TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Betsey Johnson: Mom, grandma, fashion maven

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson is known for her sensational styles and designs. Her daughter and costar, Lulu Johnson, tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda that deciding to star with her mother on a reality show “didn’t take much convincing.”

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>>> if you don't know betsy johnson for her clothing designs you may know her for the crazy cart wheels she has no problem breaking into any time, any where.

>> she's awesome. now she and her daughter have designs on something new.

>> what is it?

>> they are costarring in loves and kisses and hugs and stuff on the style network . congratulations.

>> congratulations. which one is mom? come on.

>> it's 5:00 somewhere.

>> oh, you have your own reality show . was that an easy decision to make?

>> i think it pretty much was.

>> not mine.

>> well, it didn't take much convincing.

>> right. i was ready.

>> she was going down the tubes, my marriage was going down the tubes.

>> so you were desperate.

>> desperate for something new.

>> ready for change, something new and willing to jump into anything.

>> it came at the perfect time .

>> perfect. we were like, help, what's going on. with a reality show we knew, something is going on here. there is a schedule.

>> is it mother-daughter, designing?

>> a little bit of everything. i think the core of it is our relationship -- the mother-daughter relationship.

>> we live in the same building.

>> we love each other, live in the same building.

>> spend a lot of time together.

>> that's real. that's the way it really is.

>> oh, yeah. we didn't -- you know, we were told start and finish, but it came from my work life, my 70th birthday.

>> your what?

>> turned 70.

>> you did not?

>> oh, yes.

>> my goodness. here is the irony. betsey hasn't changed. i met you 30 years ago the first time. lulu looks like the greenwich mom.

>> beautiful.

>> you look like the 17-year-old.

>> you see what i'm saying?

>> show your tats.

>> she has mine. [ muted ] and she got it removed.

>> why?

>> i need to be my own person, figure it out for myself.

>> what did it say?

>> it was a lightning bolt . i said i wanted to get the lightning bolt but not on my boob, somewhere else . she said if you get it you have to get it in the same place.

>> lulu's stuck out more than mine.

>> oh. yes.

>> i need to do my own thing.

>> of course.

>> you haven't seen one episode?

>> are you nervous about what may be revealed?

>> we have seen it. you should be.

>> there is a group of people over.

>> what are we looking at? is this yours?

>> look at my teeth.

>> what's that about? is it halloween?

>> trying to convince her.

>> something handed me those teeth.

>> she's talking about wanting to meet a guy and how hard it is at her age. i said, well, please, let me set you up with someone. she loves dating younger men. i have never liked any of them.

>> how young?

>> 22 to 27, 28.

>> 22? eye candy. you don't necessarily date people that age.

>> i haven't been with anyone in so long i don't know how. but i would like to know how.

>> if you meet somebody named cody gifford just say, hi, i'm your mother's friend.

>> okay. all right.

>> because you're trouble, missy.

>> we wish you luck with this.

>> slim pickings.

>> happy mother's day. xox. kisses and hugs, betsey johnson .