TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

To drop 10 lbs. by Memorial Day, eat healthy carbs

TODAY nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom shows one of the easiest ways to lose a pound a week: by choosing wisely when it comes to carbs and enjoying the bread, pasta, grains, potatoes and cereal you crave in a healthy way.

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>>> we are back with more of "today." our special series drop ten pounds by memorial day to help you look your best before you head to the beach in your thong.

>> one of the easiest ways to drop a pound a week is choosing wisely when it comes to carbs. we have the low down on carbs. everyone's achilles heel , most people i know .

>> that's what people miss the most.

>> bread.

>> it doesn't mean calorie-free. bread is the big thing. there are great options.

>> what are they?

>> for about a hundred calories you can get two slices of bread -- light bread. what does that mean? it has air whipped into it and fiber. look at the fiber content. you can have a whole bagel. you can have a mini bagel, english muffin . these things are around a hundred calories.

>> my favorite are the deli things. they're good.

>> those flat ones.

>> you feel like you're getting a sandwich.

>> and not giving up everything.

>> you can use a lettuce leave for half the bread.

>> put your tuna or chicken salad in that.

>> you don't need any bread.

>> pasta. this is a big problem for people. think whole wheat if you like it. size matters though. here's the problem. you can buy interesting little containers.

>> what's that?

>> it's a pasta server. tells you what a serving is.

>> that's it?

>> that's it. that's it for the uncooked. when you look at something, this is two ounces uncooked. it swells up to a cup. one cup of pasta doesn't mean the raw stuff. it doubles in volume.

>> oh.

>> this is your serving.

>> it's not bad.

>> it's fair.

>> there are ways to plump it up. replace some of the lasagna noodles with zucchini or use spaghetti squash .

>> i remember with the lasagna.

>> it tastes like spaghetti.

>> you can have twice as much volume if that's what you are looking for. plump it up with vegetables.

>> you plump it up.

>> rice, quinoa.

>> first look for brown rice . don't look for the serving size on a package that says a cup. this is half a cup. it's enough of a serving. when you have things like buckwheat or quinoa they have more fiber or protein. so a smaller serving fills you up. just because it has high fiber doesn't mean less calories.

>> another minute back here.

>> everybody loves potatoes. don't blame the potato because it's a carrier.

>> it can't help it.

>> it didn't mean it.

>> think a small whole potato or go for a half. use salsa, chives, greek yogurt .

>> this incredible microwave your own potato chips . taste it. this is one potato.

>> one?

>> this is one potato. it's sliced very thin. a hundred calories.

>> i could eat those.

>> it has fiber, the whole potato.

>> and you know what you're getting.

>> you don't like the first but you like the second bite.

>> and put a little salt on it as well. a lot of people like cereal and miss it. get skim milk and look for things that are low in sugar. don't be fooled by health foods because they can have a lot of calories like granola. buy little single serve boxes. have it as a snack.

>> that's why we like you. thank you, darling.

>> for tips on how you are dropping ten pounds tweet us, use the hash tag