TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

KLG, Hoda cuddle with namesake baby goats

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss Hoda’s selection for the Maxim’s “hot list” and the studio lights up when the ladies meet two baby goats who were recently given the names Kathie Lee and Hoda at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Stamford, Conn.

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>> it is friday, friday. we thought it would never get here.

>> but it did.

>> it's may 10, two days until mother 's day. don't you forget it. do you have a chance to see your mother ?

>> i'm sending her love. we are doing a big family get together. my sister is coming from dubai the following weekend. what are you doing?

>> i'm having a great ones. my kids won't be here. cassidy has been here this week. she's got to go to california. cody is coming the next week so frank and i will sit around and look at each other and i will be a mother to bambino, lola and louie. they are the only ones who love me anyway.

>> these girls were on the voice last season, mother -daughter duo. they started tweeting and facebooking us saying, can we get on the show? i thought, that's sweet, nice people. then they got blake in on the fun.

>> it took on a life of its own.

>> we listen when people talk to us.

>> not since the judds have we had a mother -daughter duo, just in time for mother 's day.

>> they said they would be here and they will perform for us later today .

>> looking forward to that. you like them very much.

>> awesome. i like them a lot.

>> all righty, hoda.

>> we reached a new high. or low.

>> what about you, miss 79 on maxim's hot list? [ cat calls ]

>> did you hear from everybody all day long?

>> all day long, yes, i did.

>> were jill martin and bobby thomas mad? madder than i was? i'm just glad there was a 59-year-old age cut-off. that's why i wasn't there. they cut you off at 59. i thought there was a big joke coming when he walked out. i was waiting for the --

>> i go, you're dead to me. he laughed. like he could care. what about miss sara left off the list?

>> i know. sara and bobby are over there.

>> and jill, please.

>> here we go.

>> we are excited.

>> we have reached a new level.

>> of?

>> this doesn't happen all the time.

>> more often than we realize. but we are honored.

>> yes, we are. two baby girl goats were born and they were born to the stanford museum and nature center in connecticut. they were asking people, i guess, what should we name the two girl goats? and guess what. they decided --

>> thelma and louise.

>> -- to name them after us.

>> kathie lee --

>> oh, my god! the goats are here! so exciting.

>> this must be kathie lee . she's lighter. the blond one.

>> you can told her.

>> just like a puppy.

>> hi kathie lee .

>> oh, my god. we have our own goats. oh, my gosh.

>> all my life i have wanted my own goat.

>> hi! oh, this is so -- oh.

>> this is better than the maxim list. how many people have one of these? hello.

>> mine's making noise. it was bleating.

>> don't you have anything to say? that will be a first.

>> this one might be kathie lee . i thinkingi her.

>> you are tricia ?

>> victoria marr.

>> that's a different topic.

>> it would be nice to know the lady's name who brings in our goats.

>> was it a race?

>> they came out and they were just kidding around and immediately jumping and having fun .

>> "kidding around."

>> so it was meant to be.

>> wow.

>> she was a beautiful blonde that was fearless and running around.

>> oh.

>> what about hoda woman?

>> hoda was sweet right off the bat. also playful.

>> hilarious.

>> yeah.

>> hot.

>> she has a little brother she likes to tease and jump on.

>> oh, my god. whatever your name is which is --

>> victoria .

>> victoria .

>> would have been nice. victoria , thank you very, very much.

>> you're welcome.

>> you're in my neck of the woods. i might have to come over and visit kathie lee and hoda.

>> feel free to come whenever you want.

>> thank you.

>> they're so sweet.

>> that was awesome. so exciting.

>> now is it time for tricia mezero?

>> yes, indeed.

>> they take little babies or young children and dress them up like famous stars.

>> yeah. because they look a little like them to begin with.

>> they dress them like that. in celebration of mother 's day tricia wanted to show you pictures. diana ross . this is a diana ross lookalike. here's the pose. oh! how cute.

>> adorable.

>> so cute. next is hillary rodham clinton . okay. all right. martha stewart .

>> okay.

>> oh, my. that looks like the snl person. doesn't it? all right. we have the first lady michelle obama . in red. oh, sweet.

>> very cute.

>> finally beyonce. a photo tricia recreated by taking the pose from beyonce's tour page photo.

>> sweet.

>> wow!

>> cool. very, very -- that's uncanny. i can't believe those goats just came back to us for a second. that was so cute.

>> they're sweet.

>> adorable. i have been waiting for this.

>> of course you have. it's time for -- my friday funny!

>> exactly. who is it from?

>> what would we do without kate and joanne?

>> i don't know.

>> ten blondes and ten brunettes were on a double decker bus tour. the blondes all chose to sit -- bye, honey -- on the top deck of the tour bus and the brunettes decided they would sit on the bottom deck. the brunettes were having a great time but wondered why it was so quiet on the upper deck . one of the brunettes went up to see what was going on. she found all ten blondes holding onto their seats in fear. the brunettes said we're having fun down stairs. why aren't you? the blonde said, that's because you have a bus driver ! thank you, kate and joanne.

>> you know what it's time for?

>> bobbie's mother 's day buzz.

>> you have a great book. you should be proud of yourself.

>> thank you. i am.

>> what do you got?

>> mom has personally called me to tell you, don't forget the card. that's most important. i fell in love with a rotating photo cube . such a simple idea. it's at kwqvc. around $20.

>> is it a battery?

>> they have a smaller size and they look quite chic.

>> we're mesmerized by that.

>> it's a great way to get six pictures in one frame and you can customize it. and i fell in love with a mother -daughter company called papaya art. they make journals and things with inspiration like love who you are. this has an elephant on a world saying, i'm kind of a big deal . and luggage tags and something appropriate for the moms here. these are unwined. candles made from recycled wine bottles .

>> cute.

>> they have delicious scents. you have a bunch coming.

>> i see the case. perfect.

>> and everything is online at

>> you're going to be one of the most gorgeous brides god ever made. i can't wait.

>> sara 's talking babies.

>> i recruited a baby. time for today's johnson's baby announcement when we celebrate new moms and their adorable new additions to the family. first we have maliah davis brought into the world making 8-year-old jeremiah a big brother . next is camden dziurdzy. gave mom and dad a precious little bundle of love to enjoy. mom says, sing, cuddle and play with your baby. you never get these days back.

>> you don't.

>> and third is ava quinn sbarra born march 15 in new york. changing the lives of proud mom and pop valentina and james. if you want your baby to appear on the johnson's baby of the week go to