TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Surprise mom with delicious Mother’s Day lunch

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” more than a home-cooked meal, and chef Cory Vitiello has the perfect lunch menu to surprise your mom. He cooks up chilled melon and yogurt soup and cheesy polenta and prawns with asparagus.

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>>> this morning, happy mother's day today. nothing says i love you more than a home cooked meal. here with a lunch menu is chef cory of the harvard room, good to have you here.

>> thanks, natalie and billy .

>> what are you cooking up for mom?

>> we've got a really simple mother's day menu. this is your one time to impress your mom. don't take her to a restaurant, most stressful time to go to a restaurant. cook at home even better cook at her house. my mom's watching like what? that guy has never cooked for me in 15 years. i work every mother's day it's different. first we have a chilled melon avocado yogurt soup, with a toasted almond on top and this is like five minutes start to finish,avocado, billy good job, i was just going to jump on you. this is mother's day, you should be eating and billy should be cooking. we'll treat you. we're going to put a little bit of that on.

>> mom, did you enjoy that?

>> my sous chef is bailing, eating the food.

>> you're making polenta with shrimp.

>> don't let them burn, billy .

>> the polenta, one, don't use instant polenta. it's cheap. fresh ground polenta, first it takes an hour so start that first. this is chicken stock , olive oil , cheese, but the per

>> no cream. low and slow. once we have the shrimp out, billy , start dumping the tomatoes, asparagus and garlic. this is incorporating string ingredients.

>> fgarlic.

>> and white wine and fire the shrimp back in. cooking this at home let it go 30 seconds until the tomatoes juice out with the shrimp. polenta in the bowl.

>> gosh, natalie.

>> i love it.

>> grab one of the gin and white mine sangria, the quintessential mom drink, it's a girly drink and yes i am generalizing. we have lemon pound cake with kurd and poached rhubarb on top. do you this your mom will love you.

>> i'm going to numb mom first with this and then i'm going to butcher the meal and she'll love me anyway.

>> you've got experience.

>> great to have you here