TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Hot in Hollywood: Tom Cruise commits to new ‘Mission’

Jack Rico of has the scoop on all things new and noteworthy in Hollywood, including “The Great Gatsby” hitting the big screen and the announcement of “Mission: Impossible 5.”

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>> and why wouldn't it be brought to you by the mcwrap? this morning on "that's a wrap" a roundup of all things new and noteworthy in molly wood . the man with the scoop has another great name jack rico, editor-in-chief, i love your name.

>> thank you so much.

>> randy jackson after 12 seasons he's out on "idol." what's going on?

>> supposedly fox executives are trying to probably go a completely different round for next year and i think that by the time that word got out to the judges, randy said i'm probably out. i'm out now, and it looks like the questions now to be asked, are they going to redefine the show all together or is this the end of " american idol " as we see it? what is going to happen for next year? these are all the questions that are circulating around right now.

>> the only remaining is ryan sea crest.

>> exactly.

>> if it came down to the wire for randy jackson the deal was closed a day or two before this season and it makes you think are they going to go stunt judging?

>> they've already gone stunt judging.

>> they might change the whole dynamic of the show. you ask yourself are the reality competition shows going to then, the microscope is really on them right now because it might define the way we look at reality competition for music moving on.

>>> let's move on to tom cruise , another big announcement from him and he's carrying on with "mission impossible 5."

>> usually franchise superstars after they do a franchise, three movies, they don't want to do franchise movies anymore. been there, done that. check out the dvds later on. it was a big surprise when he said yes to number five. he'll be producing it again. he's doing his own stunts, making a lot of money.

>> he's the most intense man in hollywood.

>> "ghost protocol" revived him once again to superstar status so jack reacher , "oblivion" made $200 million worldwide and he is back so why not.

>> keep it going and managing to do it, he's 50 and look at him. "great gatsby" tonight in theaters.

>> the glamour the beauty.

>> the movie was supposed to come out late last year oscar season and warner brothers said it's more appropriate for a summer audience, leonardo dicaprio . last year they didn't want to do that because he had "jango" and "changed." you don't want to have dinar cogoing against himself at the box office . the summer day was probably the most appropriate one and the movie is great.

>> looks decadent and beautiful.