TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

For parents, 3 kids is the most stressful number

TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood Live” chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new survey about moms and stress that reports that moms of girls are more stressed than boys, and that three children is the most stressful number.

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>>> of folks in rockefeller plaza , a spectacular friday morning, tgif. inside studio 1a i'm natalie morales . willie is on assignment and al of course is on the third leg of his "wake up with al" tour, he's in silver springs , maryland. there was only one true al roker but lots of imposters out here, al, today.

>> what are these?

>> because we're missing al so much we created our own popsicle stick version of mr. roker.

>> these are fantastic.

>> wow, those are disturbing actually.

>> everybody has one.

>> the whole crew.

>> everybody's got one.

>> you're serving lunch for us, huh?

>> or breakfast.

>> actually this is breakfast. we'll do that in a little bit. i haven't put my plastic gloves on yet.

>> put on the hairnet.

>> that's right. no, i don't need a hairnet billy, thanks very much. i appreciate that. wow. what a jokester that billy bush .

>> that's why we love him.

>> i'm not wearing a vest, when i wear my vest that's when you get upset you don't like the vest.

>> i noticed that you're on a news program now so you're actually dressing the part.

>> no pink pants for him either.

>> look at the socks, though.

>> he is taking a cue from al roker with the cool socks.

>> very nice. very nice, billy.

>> we did the pledge of allegiance with you a short aisle ago. lots of great kids there.

>> i have gotten so many twitters and e-mails about people saying how great it is to see the pledge of allegiance being said in school. growing up, we said it.

>> and saying "under god."

>> that's right. that's right. and so a lot of folks are very excited about that, and this is a terrific school, we've had a great time. public school gets a lot of knocks in our society, but this is one, montgomery county schools here in maryland are consistently in the top five, top ten schools in the country, so and you can see why when you see the kids, the teachers, the administrators, they really get it done and we've had a great week. i mean we started it off on wednesday in college grove, tennessee, with the backbone of this country i think, our farmers, and yesterday in lake charles , louisiana, and we did a great fire fighting unit, volunteer fire company and now we're here. it's been a really fun trip.

>> food is a big thing in school. i used to get excited, certain days, grilled cheese and bacon day, i was thrilled and then there were days of shepherd's pie, always killed me. what's on the menu, al, what are you serving?

>> menu for lunch today, we've got cheese or pepperoni pizza . we've got chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes, we have baby carrots , and what else do we have for lunch today?

>> fruit.

>> we have fruit salad , so it's all coming together. at st. catherine in savannah we basically had spaghettio's. the menu for lunch it's $2.50. when i went to school, it was 25 cents , and that included milk. milk actually that has been on the radiator, the little cartons had been on the radiator in the summer in the window so it was basically cheese by the time we got to it.

>> ugh.

>> things have improved quite a bit. we'll check back in a little bit for the weather, al.

>> okay, guys.

>>> today with our take two, spectacular sight that we saw, an historic moment as you saw this morning, matt lauer is on top, 1,500 feet up on the top of one world trade center , the crews raised that final piece of the spire, placed it delicately on top to raise one world trade center up to the symbolic height of 1,776, 1,776 feet, bringing this, by the way, to the tallest building in the western hemisphere . i had goose bumps as we were watching.

>> i had vertigo watching. i was absolutely horrified and terrified. matt lauer , i mean, i guess you have to have a moment you can't start crying on live tv but i mean, wow. i really felt sick to my stomach watching him go through that little shoot up to the top.

>> and as they pan the camera down the crews down below, it took my breath away a couple of times and for a lot of people probably did feel a little bit of vertigo. can you imagine for the workers who have been doing that for years, day in and day out.

>> emotion.

>> not just the emotion, but knowing the delicate work they have to do and how dangerous that job is as well and how spectacular it is they're the ones able to do that.

>> and it stands taller, the first tower is 1,368 and 1,362, so significantly taller, which is symbolic in a great way and as a born and raised new yorker it takes me back to that day and everybody knows.

>> we all thought about that as we saw that spire get placed on top.

>> it's a good thing to ponder and think about it. as the tower goes up be proud and every one of those guys that has worked their tail off you know there's a tear in their eye.

>> we heard a lot of applause but i imagine a lot of emotion there as well.

>> great historic day.

>> we it look up and enjoy the skyline that much more on this day and many more days and years to come.

>> not the first time history was made and the "today" show was there to document it live and to have lauer on top was incredible.

>>> also, we have to switch gears and talk about our take three and mother 's day is of course coming up. we asked you to tweet us telling us why you love and respect your mother , got a great outpouring of love on twitter, and the hash tag was #todaylovesmom, we'll share some great responses down here on twicker. moms, every day is mother 's day but moms and stress, i think it goes hand in hand . we did a survey on as well some 7,000 mothers and moms are feeling a lot more stress apparently as you have more than two kids, if you have three kids, you're maxed out and stressed. you guys have three kids.

>> yes, if you have all girls, apparently 60% more likely to be stressed out which makes my wife the most stressed out woman in the world because we have three kids, that magic number , and they're all girls, but --

>> all the hormones, right, the drama.

>> every kid is different, i don't know. do you find yourself stressed out as a mom?

>> i'm stressed out but i have two boys so i think it's a little bit easier, if you have one or two it's more manageable, you've got the defense and offense at the same time, but i think definitely, i have a lot of friends who have three kids and that's where you see maximum stress but apparently there is the duggar effect, if you go over three and have four and more, the stress level drops point. at that point you're like whatever.

>> there's our squad, my squad in the mitt, sidney bush. sometimes sid doesn't feel like she's doing a good enough job. i say you're doing a great job and you know, you can't get into that. it's really --

>> my little boy is there and bigger boy there.

>> i think of one thing, mother 's day is coming up. he has a mother , yes, he has a mother , she's living. that's his mother on mother 's day, where does his responsibility lie, is it getting the troops together --

>> we were all debating this question this morning.

>> getting the troops together in order to honor you, the troop's mother or his own mother , which is first?

>> well i think you have to honor your own mother but she is away in colorado, so he'll do that, send her flowers, do something nice for her but i think at the same time he's got to rally the troops to make sure i'm taken care of, you know what i'm saying? right?

>> always wife first and then take care of mom because mom will forgive you anyway.

>> what are you going to do? you're going to head back today and you want to surprise her so sid, shh --

>> things have been taken care of. she said please just take care of something and i can say with full confidence last detail was about 11 minutes ago, everything is in place, natalie.

>> we have a good man. he's already on top of it.