TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch talks ‘Star Trek’ cast hazing

The British actor known for the updated Sherlock Holmes series “Sherlock” talks about joining the “Star Trek” cast for the newest film in the franchise, revealing the prank his fellow cast members played on him.

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>> he'll be beaming aboard the " uss enterprise ."

>> benedict cumberbatch plays in " star trek into darkness ." great to have you here.

>> pleasure to be here.

>> he has the best name.

>> you were made to be an actor.

>> it's embarrassing in 3-d it goes on and on and on.

>> tell us what your royal fans in the uk refer to you as?

>> you can't say it on air.

>> i call it the cumber collective, a group of people.

>> you've had so much tremendous success and so incredibly popular, now to join in this series now and you were sort of the new kid as i understand, there was a little hazing experience.

>> oh, yeah. there was stuff at the end all in good nature. it was an incredible city in northern california trying to fuse hydrogen a very star trek sort of enterprise no pun intended, itself. i was in a gullible mood because this place was futuristic but they managed to convince me nonetheless by putting nivea cream on beautifully disguised by the art department , neutron cream and had to dot it around my face and it would keep me safe from the radiation and shake off the neutrons. i'm embarrassed, i played stephen hawking and eisenberg, smart scientists and completely fell for it.

>> lots of good buzz around it.

>> thank you, nice to meet you.

>> congrats on " sherlock holmes ." " star trek into darkness " opens may