TODAY   |  May 10, 2013

7 last-minute Mother’s Day gifts and activities

If you’ve procrastinated this Mother’s Day, don’t panic: Meredith Sinclair of is here to help with last-minute ideas you can put together in two days or less.

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>>> mother's day is this sunday, if you haven't had enough reminders already and if you haven't planned anything yet, not to worry. there's still time to make it special for your mom.

>> here with last-minute creative ideas, meredith st. claire, got to begin with the standard, tried and true, breakfast in bed.

>> exactly, every mom loves breakfast in bed so keep with it and make it a little more playful with the fun molds from williams-sonoma in your favorite sesame street characters and a little mimosa never hurt and a great diy daisy making kit from paper source. it's all pre-cut so you and your kids can make this the night before and lasts forever. another project, what is this?

>> do this tonight for your wife, low on cost but big on impact. 52 favorite things we love about mom. have your kids throw out 52 one-liners, print them out on little pieces of paper, put them in a lovely vase and every week throughout the year your wife gets to pull one.

>> what if kids blank and you go with 12 and once a month.

>> give a little sugar, start again. they can do it.

>> there are more than 52 things you love more.

>> i can think of 105.

>> this is beautiful.

>> this is so easy but so wonderful. we just used these clear vases you get from flower deliveries and you principle out your family photos on vellum and wrap it around the container, you can light them up or flowers.

>> great idea, nice personal touch.

>> i love willie's little guy with the curls. can i give this to my wife?

>> time-out basket for mom.

>> it's time-out for moms. you're going to fill this with magazines, stackable wines, single wines and i love this.

>> stackable wine?

>> yes, little individual servings, big box stores and i love this journal, mom's one line a day, my favorite kind of journal. they only have to write one line a day. we all need a time out. this is a diy that won't be intimidating to dad. we're making a silhouette chalkboard so you'll put your child in front of this.

>> you said child i went right to it.

>> lower the light and you'll get this great profile and trace it out on the chalkboard cloth, cuts easily and we use common canvases from the craft store.

>> i can get up now?

>> you can get up now. and it's a little more fun, your to do list.

>> these i love.

>> these are conversations to keep recordable books. our kids' voices change quickly. we want to remember when they were little . this is an interview do you about your mom or grandma and ask them questions and record them.

>> this is great.

>> last but not least. time running out. this is the splurge for mom.

>> electric scooters, razr made one for adults, perfect for the grocery store , the farmer's market, 18 miles an hour, it goes faster than you think.

>> go, go!

>> and it's a nice way to ride with your kids.